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Noone ever bothers to respond to my posts on here so not sure why I even bother but am going to post a last one out of need for advice..I suffer from anxiety disorder and avoidance, fear of crowds, unknown people, and unfamiliar settings. It's kept me from working due to fear of judgment and messing up or being judged or ridiculed. My doc has given me Lexapro 10mg. But I'm scared to take it. I've taken Xanax before and I like that I can take it as needed and didn't have any side effects from it..But for some reason I'm scared of anti depressants. I already have some insomnia and don't want it to get worse. I'm just wondering "what ifs" about the Lexapro. I know I should take it but I'm scared to take the first dose. I'm scared to even take a half a dose. Has anyone else taken it and is it a good medication? Does it cause bad side effects? I don't want to mess myself up worse than I am, but I can't keep avoiding people and staying home and isolated. So what do I do? Try the Lexapro? What if it causes insomnia? Or messes me up. I'm pretty sensitive to medications too so I really hope it doesn't. But I need this terrible anxiety and avoidance to stop. My doc assured me that Lexapro is safe and he said take Melatonin with it if it caused sleep problems. I already take Melatonin. Maybe I could ask for some Remeron/Mirtazipine to take with the Lexapro?  I'm just scared to take that first dose.
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Starting any new medication can be nerve racking. What I would do is think about the the way your life is and the way it is going. Then think about how this pill might change all of that. I think that if your symptoms are this debilitating anything is worth a try.
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I've been on Lexapro for a month now for anxiety over health issues. It's the first time I've taken any sort of anti depressants. I won't lie, the first week or so *****. I had a few bad headaches, lack of energy, nausea, increased anxiety, and lightheadedness. Now that I'm a month in I can say my anxiety is definitely decreased. I have good days, really good days, and maybe an okay day, then a bad day. Has it helped my anxiety? Totally. Has it completely changed my life? Not really, not yet anyways. It's really up to you to make the decision on if you think it will benefit you or not. Weigh the pros and cons of each option. Each person reacts differently to these kind of pills so if your heart says to give it a shot go for it. Just don't expect instant results/effects as I'm sure you know!
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Always be absolutely definite before you ever break a tablet, in order to take a smaller dosage, that the medicine isn't a time released type. For instance OxyContin. If you take a broken time-release tablet, it could kill you. Instead of getting half the dose you would be taking a huge amount because taking half of a twelve hour tablet that is supposed to be released into your system a small amount over the twelve hours. If you break and take one half of it, you will get a dose suddenly into your blood that will be large enough to kill you. I'm using as an example here of a 40mg of OxyContin
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Look up magnesium, get a high absorbance brand. And maybe a vitumin B complex. Sounds simple I know but it might be very helpful.Of course you should ask your doctor if your on medications if these supplements are ok to take. :)
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I'm so sorry that no one has ever responded to your posts. I see that this is from 2014...is that correct?
I have bad anxiety too and it is hard but you need to trust your doctor and take the medication. Sounds like you are frightened of everything even something that might help you. Are you seeing a therapist or a counselor because if you're not then I would highly recommend it. Medication alone won't help you. You need someone with behavioral experience to help you through this anxiety that is crippling you and your life.
I hope you get better because you need to experience life and what it holds for you.
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