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Lexapro+wellbutrain+clonozapan combo, side effects

For many years on lexapro 10 and 20mg,daily. Worked well on depression/anxiety, but sexual side effect, such as deleyed ejeculation.My doctor,changed me to wellbutrain xl,150mg+clonozapan 0.50mg (Split 2 times morning and night),which improved the sexual side effect,but not the anxiety/depression. I "Butterfly ",thinking for the worse,for the future,such of finance,loosing my home,ending up on the street, etc. Typical symptoms  of depression/anxiety. The doctor then added 5mg of lexapro generic (Escitolopram) at night. This combo makes  me feel  much better,but sexual  side effect  of deleyed  ejeculation even in small dose(5mg). Any advice? I never tried  any other SSRI other then  lexapro and Celexa.They all cause deleyed ejeculation as a side effect? Anybody has experienced  other Ssri that doesn't  cause as much as side effect as this two? Thank you.
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All antidepressants can cause this.  One of the few that doesn't is wellbutrin, but as this is the most stimulating antidepressant out there it's often bad for anxiety sufferers.  The way this is usually done is to combine some wellbutrin with the ssri that is working, not to discontinue an ssri that is otherwise working really well.  But side effects are very individual, so the fact all antidepressants can cause this doesn't mean they will.  A different ssri might not, but then, it might not work, either.  This is a bit personal, but I've had delayed ejaculation since being on antidepressants, but it isn't the worst thing in the world -- we all have things that really really turn us on if we're open to it.  It might take longer, but the really bad side effect is those who can't ejaculate at all or who lose complete interest in sex.  I only say this because it's not easy to find a medication that works as well as apparently Lexapro did for you.  By the way, Celexa often has different and more side effects than Lexapro, even though they are almost the same drug.  So either learn to deal, or try a different ssri.
Also, taking clonazepam this way will end up with you being addicted to it and it will be extremely hard to stop taking.  Benzos are safest when taken only as needed, not every day.  You were put on this probably because wellbutrin is often so hard on anxiety sufferers, but it could have just been combined with the Lexapro.
Hello, thanks for your  response.  Yes,I agree  with  you 100%. As I said, we were trying  to limit the sexual  side effect of lexapro  or Celexa by making the switch  to Wellbutrain, but as you said, made anxiety  worse.Im going  to see my psychiatrist on March 2.Well,right now,I'm a bit confused  about  taking  the combo Wellbutrain/lexapro, because sexual  side effect  still there,so I think  Wellbutrain  is useless,if lexapro or Celexa works.  Also,I decided  to drop the clonazepam, again  because seems useless combined with Wellbutrain alone, without  lexapro, doesn't help with  anxiety/depression. I was considering  trying a different  Ssri, alone such  as Prozac or paxil.Hopefully less sexual side effect then the other  two. But, I think the best first line single  treatment, are only Ssri. Let's make this switch, and see how I react to it. Will keep  you posted  on progress. Thanks  again.  Talk to you soon.
Careful about Paxil -- very difficult drug, very odd drug, and the hardest of all these drugs to stop taking.  Prozac is the easiest to stop, so usually the first one to try.  I'd try Zoloft before trying Paxil.  I'd leave that one for last, if all else fails.  Are you doing anything to see if you can leave this problem behind altogether, such as psychotherapy?
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