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Liquid Prozac? Just as effective?

I have trouble swallowing anything any bigger than a tic tac, really I have trouble swallowing my xanax that I take and its about 1/4 the size of a tic tac.  i dont know why but I always feel a lump in my throat after taking it and its very uncomfortable, does anyone know if liquid prozac would be just as effective, it just seems like i may not get all of it down or something, I dunno. like some would remain in my mouth, lol I dunno.  Does anyone know anything about liquid prozac?
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Many people have the same problem swallowing pills as you do. I think there might even be a name for it.........but don't bet the rent on that.
Not being a pharmacist dm, I can only surmise that the liquid form would be every bit as effective as the oral meds. The FDA wouldn't let it out if it didn't conform to all the set standards for the drug. And even tho a bit of it might stay in your mouth, it will eventuall get where it's suppose to unless you go around spitting, which I sort of don't think you will. So, put those worries to bed and if you're still not sure, contact your local pharmacist and speak with him/her of your concerns.
Best of luck!
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