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Looking for some guidance for my husband with different anxiety tendences.

I have been trying to help my husband deal with severe anxiety and panic attacks for about 7 years. We have tried multiple medications and he goes to a therapist. He does not drink any caffeine or alcohol. In the past, he used alcohol to try combat his issues. But since the anxiety has been an ongoing issue, he ended up developing a habit a binge drinking after very stressful day or stressful life events. Long story short of that, he no longer drinks.

I am really looking to see if anyone else can help explain or relate to these late night episodes he has. Usually after a very stressful day at work, we will try to decompress with each other at the end of the night watching TV. I usually go to bed earlier then him and he will stay up watching TV or play on his phone. He is in a totally normal mood and state of mind at this point.  Then, with time varying, I am woken up by him either making noise or I hear the TV still on. I go to check on him and he is totally out of it. Unable to walk straight, slurred speech, dilated pupils and unable to put his thoughts together. It is as if he is intoxicated, but he is not. Usually at this point, insomnia sinks in and the only way he is able to sleep in with a strong sleep aide from his doctor. We have a very open and honest relationship. I know for a fact that he is not taking any substances or drinking any alcohol. The next day he wakes up completely exhausted emotionally and physically. Can anyone relate to these symptoms? Have you ever experience this? Any solutions? We are both completely lost and I as his wife, am drained. It has worn on our marriage and I am out of ideas.  
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Anxiety does not make any of those late night symptoms you listed. Is he on meds now? No one can diagnose him from here, so your doctor and therapist need to be aware of what you feel happens late at night so they can determine what is going on.
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He should eliminate all screens (TV, phone, games, etc.) at least an hour before bedtime.  In fact, the bedroom should be free of all such devices.  Not knowing the amount of daily exercise he gets, he should at least be walking 30 minutes a day no later than two hours before bedtime.  Intimacy should be thought about, depending upon the level it is at with you two at the present time.  Men need love as well as women, but men need proof of love which is frequent sexual intimacy.
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Is he aware that he does the slurred speech and cant hardly walk? if not video him and show him. Also, I like to watch TV and play on my phone to wind down , I too have anxiety. something is not making him happy.  maybe he doesn't like his job. maybe his life is too routined. how about trying something out of the ordinary.  or.... say no TV or phone  for 1 week straight and go to bed  together.  thus, developing a new routine. sip chamomile tea together.
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