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I live in Japan, and it is hard for me to get certain health care or prescriptions.  My mother sends me my old prescriptions from the states, I am currently taking minocycline and budeprion xl, and last year, I had a kidney infection due to serious dehydration from anorexia.  I've recovered from anorexia and have not had kidney problems since, but recently, I've had serious insomnia and anxiety/fear due to the idea that I may get that kidney infection again.  The pain of the kidney infection scared me out of anorexia, to say the least.  The anxiety had become extreme to the point of serious panic attacks.  My mother sent me something called lorazepam, she tells me that if I have an attack, I should take it.  I wanted to ask a doctor's opinion before I actually take it at the time of my panic attacks which usually occurs at night.  Oh also, if it maters, I haven't had my period in almost 2 years and I have asthma as well as a history of UTIs.

So... should I take Lorazepam for my panic attacks with all this history?  I am always afraid to go on new medication without consulting a doctor first, but I really can't afford to do so right now.
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There are no doctors on this site, just folks.  I wouldn't take anything without talking to a psychiatrist first, but first I'd get my thyroid checked -- the anxiety and other symptoms, particularly the absence of periods, suggest that as a possibility.  Japan has an excellent health care system, probably better than ours -- why aren't you seeking care there?
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Lol, have you ever had to deal with medical in Japan?  It's actually one of the worst systems in the world.  If you need a kidney or heart transplant, you have to leave the country, and the miss diagnosis of ailments and the amount of people who die in ambulances due to the fact that they sit there on the side of the road for at least an hour calling available hospitals before they even move you causes more deaths than anything.  I was screaming in pain from my kidney infection for over 10 hours.  yeah... have you ever had kidney stones or kidney infections?  I know people who had been through child birth without pain medication that said that the kidney infection was worse.  I was in constant pain without any relief ... not even a moment... yeah I donno where you get your info about Japanese medical, but really is terrible.  I don't think I would be so terrified if I hadn't been in such constant pain for so long.

Thyroid?  I had a friend who said the same thing to me...  The last time I went to the doctor here in Japan, they simply told me to "gain more weight" and it will come back.. I gained weight, went back, and they said it again "just gain more weight" When I mentioned about it, they kind of dismissed the idea, so I really don't know : /

I'm terribly frustrated with these doctors lol, but I know that doesn't mean I shouldn't go, right now it's just a matter of not having the money for it or for the insurance : /

All I know is that I can't take the panic at night anymore, and I don't know what else to do >.<  It's so hard to sleep when I'm freaking out so badly.  Once I even thought that there was someone watching me through the eyes of a picture on my computer and I cried myself to sleep :(  I know, it sounds stupid, but I really thought it.  
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That's pretty stupid, a bad thyroid could be causing the loss of weight!  Can you see another doctor?  I've never lived in Japan, but they do have the healthiest people in the world, they see doctors more than anyone else in the world, they have the longest lived people in the world, so somebody's doing something right.  Of course I know it's in large part dietary -- they eat a whole lot less and a whole lot better than we do!  I'm sorry for your problems, but I'd really advise finding a way to get that thyroid checked.
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I totally agree Japan has one of the worst medical systems. I left Japan 5 yrs ago and returned to the UK, because the medication I received was extremely potent to an extent it nearly killed me, it took me 2 yrs in the uk to get better.

Japanese Drs gave me anti anxiety pills, beta blockers blood pressure pills and anti depressant pills. When all I needed was prozac. They totally messed me up
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I advise if you can return to your country for holiday and seek medical attention from your own dr
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But then again this forum is 2 years old lol
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