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Seems i have acquired General Anxiety along with insomnia. Nervous,worried during the day,hard to get to sleep at night if at all.If i did fall asleep would wake up at some point shakey,sweaty,scared.Prescribed Lorazepam .5 twice a day. Will sometimes break the pill into 4 taking 1/4 and only once at night. Worry about dependence,withdrawl,etc. but can't live anxious staring at the ceiling all night. In a vicious cycle,worry all day,worry all night. Trying not to add another problem.
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First off, Nurse girl DOES rule!! Lol. She's been there for me since day 1! :)
2nd, I'm sorry you're going through this.

This is how my anxiety started 6 years ago. However, don't let Drs put a label on you. You don't have a disorder. Anxiety is mostly caused by stress! Simple.

I was on lorazepam for 4 years. Yo yo use. As needed. I can not tell you what to do. But when my Dr told me to stay off the internet and not read up and make myself knowledgeable about the down side to benzos. Lorazepam is ativan, which is in the benzo group of meds.

Back then ativan was my cure all. It helped me sleep great! Felt like putting my favorite jammies on and watching childhood cartoons. Lol. Its powerful!

But as the years went on, I did become physically addicted to it without knowing it. When I would use it for a week then ween off. A wheel later I'd experience something bizarre. Like waking up in the middle of the night experiencing a seizure type movement in my whole body. Or electrical zaps or brain shivers. These scary sensations caused bad anxiety, therefor It always got written off as anxiety, and the answer was more ativan of course.

Long story short. I'd take your drs orders. But would do your research. Don't do it to scare yourself, but its good to be knowledgeable. I wish I did.

Benzos are typically safe to take for 1-2 weeks max without causing a w/d.

But in my opinion, too many drs prescribe it long term.

That's why I think antidepressants are better long term vs benzos.

Also, I would suggest starting therapy. That's something I wish I would have done years ago b4 just being labeled and taking pills as my only answer.

Get some relief with the lorazepam like your Dr ordered. It should help tremendously! Listen to your Dr. Work with your Dr. Therapy (CBT) is proven to work wonders.

Happy healing!! You GOT THIS!! Don't let anxiety control you! You can learn to take control over your anxiety! :)

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I just want to give you hope! BC anxiety that you are going through right now may seem ever lasting. The truth is. It shall pass!! :)

That doesn't mean it won't come back. But i truly believe you can beat it every time you work at understanding anxiety. That's why I think therapy is so important vs just taking a pill. You got this! Now take your ativan and sleep good. ;) I think once you get a nice rest, you're going to feel SO much better. Good luck! :)
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Thank's Cnote,Not knowing what to do just makes more stress!! Had a nurse tell me patients take these for years!!! What is bc anxiety?
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Right now you need to do what your Dr says. Did you take your lorazapam?
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But if it were me, I'd be doing therapy. Its SO beneficial! :) hang in there. This too shall pass. Will write more in a bit.
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Took it for a few days,feel better,then stopped. 2 days later back where i was. Feal it 's stress from current worries. Going in circles
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