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Losing consciousness all the time…

I feel like I’m losing consciousness all the time… I don’t faint, but it feels like I lose consciousness with my eyes open… I can’t stop thinking about this… I feel like I’m about to faint all the time… I feel like I’m barely conscious… What if I end up in a coma… What if my brain is damaged… I never experienced this until I got a panic attack last week… I can’t sleep because I’m so scared… What can this be?
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Thank you for writing.
It's not coma, and damaged minds can heal.

(My brain has been through so much. I've gone from completely broken to completely healed beyond any expectations. It takes a year for full recovery. I swear it's like having a new brain.)

I understand you say you are awake, but not fully alert, more like semi-awake, or tired awake. (Sure sounds familiar. I've been there.)

The cause could be many. Maybe low blood sugar. See if eating some chocolate helps.

Or not sleeping well. Ask someone to check while you sleep to see if you stop breathing and then after 10 - 20 seconds wake up to gasp for air, and immediately go back to sleep. Sleep apnea. Can sleep all night and wake up dead tired, because actually person is waking up many times an hour to gasp for air.

Or certain medications may make one lethargic. Discuss with doctor. There may be a different med one can switch to. (Or in my case, add another med to counteract the sedating effects of the one med that works for me.)

Just know from my extensive personal experience (which I wish I didn't have because it was really bad, and lasted a long time, but since I've had it might as well make use of it) this is not a permanent condition. Recovery is possible. Doctors can help figure out what is causing this.

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Well, again, del, in my opinion I'm really really glad you're trying to help but your info might mislead.  Most people who are diagnosed with apnea don't have it.  It's in large part a scam to sell CPAP machines.  Many people who do have it have no problems at all from it, and most people who do are overweight and it goes away if they lose that weight.  If you have a genuine blood sugar problem, eating chocolate won't necessarily help, it might hurt.  By the way, these days the popular chocolate is very dark and therefore very light on sugar comparatively speaking.  But one needs to see a doctor to see if one has a blood sugar problem, as eating sugar will just make it worse.  I would recommend to the poster that you see a doctor and get a very thorough exam.  There can, as described above, be a lot of possible causes.  Blood sugar low or high could cause it.  Lack of electrolytes can cause it.  Insufficient hydration can cause it.  Inner ear problems can cause it.  Thyroid problems can cause it.  However, I'm going to guess none of these things will be found because it started only after you had a panic attack.  This is a common symptom of someone who is developing a panic attack disorder.  Do see the doctor.  Don't self-diagnose or try to self-treat as if you will stumble on the right answer accidentally.  You probably won't.  But I think you're suffering what those of us who develop panic attack disorders suffer, which is disorientation caused by the trauma of having a panic attack.  If that turns out to be what it is, therapy with a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety is the place to go, and the sooner you get there the less likely your brain will turn this into a chronic problem.  Peace.

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