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Losing weight anxiety related

Hi is anyone losing weight because of anxiety? To much stress and because of constantly thinking that yiur sick

how much weight did you lose in a month?
Having a hard time gaining back the weight?
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I lost about 14lbs in a few weeks. I was 118 then dropped to 104..and after I started eating I stayed at 108 for months then all of a sudden was back up to 116. Now I'm dealing with anxiety again and I'm hovering between 108 and 110. I worried so much about it last time and it was really unnecessary that this time I'm looking at it as a chance to wear those pants that never quite fit in the thighs.
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Thank you all so much for the comment :) i'll stop weighing myself everyday hehe:)
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The weight will come back but slowly if what I went through is any indication.  I lost 12 pouns in 3 weeks toward the end of May.  I have gained back a couple of pounds but not all of it.  I don't worry about it anymore because I am eating.  I figure it will come back when it comes back and until then I am going to enjoy my thinner body type!  
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My problem now is that i eat a lot but i just camt seem to gain any weight back. Im always thinking that i have a diesase. I think im a little hypochodriac. Everytome i feel something i make a big fuss about it look it upbin the internet next thing i knoe i already diagnose my self with some type of cancer... I hate feeling this way...
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It's very common bc you typically lose appetite with anxiety. I can drop 10 pounds in a couple of weeks or more. But! I make myself eat 3 meals a day still. Even if you don't feel like it.

A banana goes down well and easy for breakfast for me.

Then for lunch I will maybe try some chicken for a little protien, or some sort of a meat.

And dinner is usually the hardest bc my wife may make something she put alot of work into, but she usually knows ahead of time how much to make if Im not very hungry at all.

So even for dinner a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk was a big thing for dinner.

It's not much, but atleast I was eating something!

Also taking a multivitamin in the morning is good and I'd also by those boost drinks. Not the kind to lose weight like slim fast. But there are kinds that say "to gain or maintain weight". It's like a chocolate drink.

Hang in there. I used to let my anxiety get worse bc I'd keep weighing myself and I'd get scared.

He said "you just have to look at it in a positive way as possible! You've dropped a little weight bc you're not eating very much. And hey, losing a little weight isn't going to kill you! Look at it in a positive way! You look great! It's all anxiety."

But remember making yourself eat is important. And drink lots of water too. :)

Before you know it, once your anxiety let's up, which it will eventually, you'll be gaining your normal weight back.

I was at 120lbs 3 years ago. Then I'd fluctuate to 125. Then back down to 120.. Then later 130, then 125, then recently I was at 140, now I'm at 130lbs in just a couple of weeks bc I'm going through a bump in the road with anxiety.

Hang in there. Just keep making yourself eat, even though it's hard... And try to pick healthier foods, and you don't have to eat a crap ton. Just enough to know you are eating.

Peace and love!
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I lost from 217 down to 193 in 2 weeks time and after I was able to eat again I am now 240 because I even eat when Im not hungry just to make sure I dont fall into the rut of not eating again so be mindful when you start to eat and gain because it may come on fast and be hard to rid! I hope this helps you some. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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