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Lump in the throat!!

Its quite amazing how anxiety symptoms come and go.Forr tha past few months it has been dizziness and chest pain.Now it is the lump in the throat type and difficulty in swallowing feeling.Have recently had some  genuine problems with my stomach that have been treated,but was wondering how common such a symptom is amongst everyone else here?It is as if it feels "too real" to be anxiety related.I must admit I am concerned because in the past year I have had several chest ct scans and am worried that the radiation may have caused some damage to that part of my anatomy.To make things worse I went against my own rule and googled these symptoms and came up with lung or esophageal cancer.Now I am really worried!!Should i get further testing or just attribute it to my anxiet!?!?This is so frustrating!Please advise.
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Here's my story.  I had a lump in the throat feeling for along time, doctor said it was anxiety, then it was allergies, well the lump feeling in my throat didn't go away, at the time I would feel around my throat, it felt normal.  Had a CT scan done, it was normal.  

A few months later, I started having difficulty swallowing.  Well to make a long story short, I went to the ER one night, had another CT scan done, I had an enlarged thyroid, deviating my trachea and growing towards my chest.  

But if you had several ct scans on the chest, then this would have been discovered, but may be a possibility.

No more googling, Lol,.  Research always have us believe we have some type of ailment.  

I suggest visiting your doctor for further evaluation.  
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Thanks for replying.I plan to visit the doctor again and may order another ct scan of that particular area just to make sure.Are you ok now?
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Your going to be just fine, relax, kick back and don't worry.  And remember, no googling., Lol,.  

Thanks for your concern, very thoughtful of you.  Yes, I'm doing fine at the moment, I still have an enlarged thyroid, and starting a synthroid treatment to reduce it.  

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Thanks again for your support!!
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I had this a few years ago and it was completely due to anxiety and went away when I went on paxil. It was possibly related to heartburn but then the heartburn also completely went away when I sorted out the anxiety.

Don't worry about it unless it actually means you are not able to swallow things.  I used to be able to feel the pills in my throat for ages after swallowing them even though I knew it wasn't there anymore.

Trust what your doctor says and good luck.
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