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Lump in throat

I am a 28 year old female. I have no prior history of any diseases or ailment, although, my mother has hypertension and my father has diabetes. I have a very stressful and labor intensive job. The  initial complaint was pelvic pain starting in November 2008. Then it went to back pain, and then became full blown anxiety attacks that came with a host of symptoms.( ie, chest pain, dizziness, arm and leg numbness, and lightheadedness). I have been out of work on sick leave since January 2009. As of lately I am not getting much sleep due to the discomfort in my throat. The discomfort started after I choked on water. The same night, I began to feel the "lump" sensation. I spoke about it to my PCP and she said that I was anxious and that it was probably a goiter. Well the ultrasound did not show that. I am still waiting on the results of my thyroid functions. On a sadness scale I would say that I am very sad because of this throat condition. I have a GI appointment next Tuesday. My monthly cycles are normal.

I am not currently on any meds. I was on Percocet for pain. I stopped that weeks ago because I didnt like the side effects. I was on Hydroxyzine for anxiety. Not taking that anymore because prescription ran out (given by ER).

Thanks so much for your response.
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Well..you are doing the right thing by getting it checked out in my opinion.  If all the tests come back okay and the docs say it may just be anxiety then I would tend to believe them; which is easier said than done when worrying about ones health.  Quite often, we can keep on searching for causes for our symptoms when sometimes we are searching in vain when we interpret every symptom and try to link it to a medical cause.

Having said that, I know it can be very frustrating and demoralizing not knowing.  I have a heart murmer and can feel palpatations sometimes, but the docs said that it is benign and my heart is as strong as ever.  But when I was really worried about my health I tended to catastrophicsize any and every feeling around my chest to a heart ailment.

During this whole ordeal, have you had access to a counselor/therpist to help you through this?  I often find that talking it through can be a very effecient way to learn and confront this...keep us posted!
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