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Lump on lower jaw


I have had a hard swelling under an old root canal on my lower right second last molar. I went to the dentist and had the tooth removed and had a course of antibiotics. The dentist showed me a large black hole on the x-ray and said it was an abscess. I was going to have an implant inserted but when I went back 6 weeks later the hole hadn't closed enough. The hole has been closing but the lump has not gone, and every now and then the lump swells up slightly again and can be a little bit painful.

Any advice on what it could be? Has the dentist missed something a bit more serious?

I have managed to overcome health anxiety but worried this may bring it on again!
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I completely understand what you are going through, I had a lump on the bottom of my jaw a few weeks ago that had me worried.  It ended up being a lymph node that was a bit swollen, don't worry...you should go to your doctor and have him take a look at it.  I'm sure it's just swelling from the infection and the removal of the molar.  Hang in there, I'm sure everything is fine.  Best of luck!!!
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Old line oral surgeons, usually the ones most recommended by dentists and the people dentists get their implants done, recommend 3 months for an extraction to heal.  They can take a very long time sometimes.  So it could just be that it hasn't had time to heal yet.
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