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MAJOR panic attack out of nowhere

I've been doing pretty good for the past few days but tonight my bf and I went to pick up his brother from the airport and as we were waiting in the car I got a severe panic attack. I got hot and sweaty, hands were tingling, uncontrollable shaking, the urge to run to the bathroom, and just overall panic. I have no idea why it happened. I had to take an immodium and a xanax and it was just awful. Anyone else have this happen where a severe panic attack hits you out of the blue?
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Oh yeah! All the time!!!!!!!!!! Just breath and try to relax. I know how frightening it can be. You'll be okay. I understand how frustrated and embarrassed you probably are, but just know that you are so not alone. People who love you will try to understand and you will learn how to cope as you learn more about yourself and what triggers you and what calms you down. Sometimes though, I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason with an attack...just the nature of the beast but you can beat it!
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Sure thing. It's like you just know you are about to die or something. Just hang in there and know that the episode will pass. That's what I try to do. I'm still not taking any medication but I think that I may start very soon. There is no shame in letting modern medicine ease my symptoms. Good luck and hang in there.
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I don't know what would have happened without the xanax. I probably wouldn't have been able to drive home from the airport or I may have gotten sick all over my car. I don't know but I do know that it was one of the worst I've gotten.
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Hang in there erin626.....you're going to be doing better and better, and just put this one behind you....those last few days you were talking of sound really good..FOCUS on those: it gives you more confidence and a knowing that you are able to feel good and kind of breaks the bond with anxiety a little bit each time.. I hope you have a clear/happy day..and talk to you later..:)
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i feel ya...i was doing well with less than mild anxiety and it was happening less and less than today i woke up at 5 feeling soo great!!  then by 11 i was running to the bathroom with a real upset stomache and taking zanex...i only wish the effects of the zanax took effect instantly..i even hate the few minutes im having the anxiety and diarrhea so much ...its like a life time!!..  but i hadnt had these attacks in at least two years ..they just stopped... then last month they were back and now im waiting for them to dissapear...i know WE ALL will be fine and ive found that even during an episode when your feeling terror and alone..it seems to help to come here and write..so keep doing it and remember anxiety is triggered through repetitive mental thoughts ...dont dwell on the fact that the anxiety comes out of no where..or you may make it worse...just remind your self it will pass and the day goes on =)
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I have had this happen many times, not as much lately though. I dont know if this is true  for everyone but for me when I take a xanax it causes severe rebound anxiety. My boyfriend who never has anxiety took it to go to sleep and he said the next morning he felt anxiety. He claims he never feels anxiety until after the xanax.
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