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Marijuana withdrawal symptoms....only 3 months use

I have been smoking marijuana very lightly like once a day sharing a joint with 2-3 people. This has been going on for about 3 months. Not a regular marijuana smoker. Recently i had a panic attack(real scary) and since then iam experiencing withdraw symptoms. Lot of anxiety.....I am taking Arip,Flunil and lonazep by doctors prescription. I plan not to use marijuana ever again. Please tell how long will i have to take the meds before the anxiety and high pulserate disappears. I also have mild chest pain.

Please suggest ways to ease the process. Thanks :(
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Im a longtime hi grade smoker and have never experienced withdrawl nor seen anyone els with physical withdrawl. Pot is not physically addicting, simply psychological. Perfect drug. You may have been smoking some junk that had unusual chemicals in it. Even a physically addictive med would be a few days as little as you used. Something is hinkey here!
Possibly symptoms you have due to another problem that eased up while smoking. Anxiety is often reason to self medicate and chest pain due to unusual amount of smoke in your lungs for example. Dont blame the weed, get a psych eval.
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I got kinda the same Anxiety, except i was a heavy smoker. When i did quit the only withdrawals i had was like a headache that lasted for a few days and no apetite. It never really bothered me until i tried those Incense's you could smoke (Serenity, K2, King Kyrpto, etc) and after 1 bad trip (that led to a huge panic attack) i cant even smoke weed now without panicking. But the withdrawals effects people differently. I'd say just give it alotta time and if it dosent stop, go to the doc and try Therapy. That's what im about to do anyway.. I hope this helps.
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What i smoked it looked like was dried marijuana only and the guy who brings it gets it at a very cheap rate so i dont think it could be a high level drug. Iam not sure if that could be dried heroin or something. Can herioin be smoked?

Its been 8 days now since i had the panic attack and these withdrawl symptoms appeared. I have read that anxiety is caused by marijuana withdrawl and that is my primary problem too with a little insomnia.
Iam a bit worried but psychotherapist has asked me not to worry and take the above mentioned meds for 15 days. Any experts here?
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Experts? Ah...........no. You could go to the other side of this forum and pay for a doctor to tell you to see a doctor. Waste of Rupees, if you ask me.

I'm 59 years old, grew up in the 60's and "dabbled" a bit in drugs. I also have to say that I've never known, or heard, of anyone going through withdrawl from weed, at least not a physical w/d and any psychological "w/d" was minimal at best.

My guess is that you were smoking some very "ghetto" weed that could have been dusted with a great many nasty additives. You asked if heroin could be smoked. Yes, it can. So can meth. They can be diluted with anything from pig pee to vodka and sprayed on the "dried marjuana."

I think you're idea of not smoking weed again is good and I agree with your therapist that you need to give the meds time to reach therapeutic levels.
If you do decide to smoke again.........know your seller. (Caveat emptor!)

Best of luck
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Thanks. i think it is what you said some kind of ghetto weed.
Lets give it a few weeks and i'll see from there.
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