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Masturbation and anxiety

Sorry if this post offends anyone, i made it once before, but just found some new information about it.... if anyone has any thoughts that would be great

I'm 21 so i guess i'm expected to have raging hormones, but i masturbate usually twice a day then have sex on the weekends. i've seriously not gone like a day without masturbating in the last 5 years as it's become more of a habit / part of my daily routine. I usually cant sleep at night unless i do it as it relaxes me and makes me super tired. The last 2 nights i've not masturbated and my sleep has been really terrible, but i've felt alright the next day

anyway , i found this article  ( http://www.sexualrecovery.com/resources/articles/understanding-compulsive-masturbation.php)

Frequent masturbation and ejaculation stimulate acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions excessively, resulting in the over production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Abundant and unusually amount of these hormones and neurotransmitters can cause the brain and adrenal glands to perform excessive dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversion and turn the brain and body functions to be extremely sympathetic. In other words, there is a big change of body chemistry when a client compulsively masturbates.

For the client engaging in compulsive masturbation, they often experience problems with concentration and memory. This is a dangerous side effect of compulsive masturbation and signals that the brain is being over drained of acetylcholine. This behavior can also drain the motor nerves, neuro-muscular endings, and tissues of acetylcholine and replace it with too much stress adrenalin which is where memory loss, lack of concentration, and eye floaters come from. To fight these symptoms, the chemical levels in their body needs to be balanced.

any thoughts?
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masterbate as much as you like! there have been no studies that show any harm in masterbation!

BUT!! if masterbation is the way you deal with anxiety, then you may want to work on your anxiety issues first.

People use different methods to cope with anxiety/Panic.  I would ask the other forum if you feel there is something wrong with you because you masterbate, if that would make you feel better, but If your masterbate to help relieve the tense feelings from Anxiety, then, as I stated above you may want to work on them issues. feel free to keep us updated on how your Anxiety is doing.
I'm a 70 year old male and recently started having anxiety attacks for no obvious reason apart from being anxious about having anxiety attacks!  For me, a long relaxing session (typically about 50 minutes) of self pleasuring works wonders. I avoid ejaculating, so I can repeat as often as desired. It produces a wonderful glowing feeling of well-being that lingers throughout the day. By the way, "masturbating" is an acronym for "Marvelous, Altogether Stupendously Thrilling, Utterly Rapturous, Blissfully Awesome Transcendent Immense Naked Gratification."  So lock your door, turn off your phone, relax, and enjoy yourself.
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Your post will not offend anyone, and if it does, then they aren't mature enough to be on this site. Your anxiety about masturbating twice a day is far more detrimental to your health and well being than the frequency! Twice a day, while perhaps more than most of us could handle, is not, in my humble opinion, of any medical OR emotional concern. You are a very young man with what I am seeing as a very robust and healthy sex drive. If you were maturbating 20 times a day, I'd say you may have an issue, but twice is nothing. Masturbation is a GREAT sleep aid. More of us should try THAT instead of taking another damn pill. It's also great for releaving stress.
I don't know WHERE you found that information on masturbating, but I honestly think they were talking about folks who indulge in the 20 times a day type. Doing "it" THAT often could, I suppose, do something to your hormones or chemicals or whatever they were going on about. A little advice? Stay off those damn "oh Lord, what's wrong with me TODAY" sites! See what you found by going there? Now you're all freaked out that your head (big and little......LOL) are going to explode or something! Hogwash. YOU'RE gonna be the one walking around with a big smile and no anti-stress pills in your pocket!
If you ARE realy concerned and scared about this, see a urologist and discuss this with him. I think you will be very happy with what they have to say and you can get back to whistling while you work.
Keep up the good work!
(I'm killin' myself here!)
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God gave us hands for a reason. I always wondered why shrinks asked do you masturbate a lot whenever I saw one. It is a regular question they ask. I turned the question round once and asked a female shrink why they ask it. What the connection is. I imagined that a climax was the only thing greater that anxiety. In other words your anxiety would leave you during those moments of self pleasure. She just blushed and refused to answer myquestion. I do agree with Lydia that it would more those people who engage in masturbation up to 20 times a day that would be at risk. I doubt twice a day would be considered much at all. In comparison to some posts we have read. So don't worry your head off. Forgive the pun. Your just a normal male doing what you feel you have to do to relieve anxiety.
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Hi all,

thanks for replies. Honestly i feel no guilt over masturbation, i love doing it and have always considered it a really normal behavior. I just  try to find things that may possibly be cause my anxiety and eliminate them as i still haven't come to terms with the fact that i've created this sensitized state for myself.

I hate typing out my story time and time again, but basically i used alot of drugs and alcohol for years and then got into harder drugs, namely ecstasy which lead to me having a panic attack. Been a year since then and it's gotten alot worse, but some days i feel better, i just want to feel like my old invincible self again. I  have GAD mostly, not PD

I've blamed numerous things i eat and do on why ive gotten anxiety but eliminating them doesnt seem to help.... masturbation was just next on the list. I'm still going to attempt taking a break from it to see if i feel any different, but i'm guessing i'll have a hard time making it past like 3 days or so. sad. but true.

Thanks again for replies
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Nothing like giving your hands a vacation.
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OK, now I remember you.
You did a bunch of drugs and believe that is what triggered your anxiety. You have tried to eliminate certain things to see if that would help your anxiety. Now you're thinking your masturbation should be the next item on the chopping block in case THAT is the cause of your anxiety.
It's not, OK? You might as well blame the fecking lettuce on your BLT.
I believe the last time you and I talked, I suggested that you would definitely benefit from therapy and I'll say that again now. Bottom line is you HAVE anxiety. Now you need to find the root cause and deal with it. Masterbating has obviously been one of the ways you've dealt with some of the symptoms, but I repeat, it is not the cause.
Please get into some therapy so you needn't hate writing out the story over and over. The story isn't what needs changing.
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Hi there, yeah i remember your username as well. Sometimes for me i feel like i need to just try some meds as i never used to be an anxious person, and then just one day after drugs, everything went downhill and i was a different person entirely.  I just got prescribed zoloft so im considering trying that to see if it can stop all of this.

I've seen one therapist and he proved to be pretty useless. It just doesnt seem as if someone could help me through talking unless they were inside my head to feel what i was going through . I've always had alot of stress and bs on my plate for my whole life and have dealt with it accordingly. It's the physical symptoms that make life unmanageable for me.

Like i dont feel depressed at all despite the fact that my life ***** right now relative to what it used to be. Bah.... So confused, and my brain is tired.

Thanks again for the reply
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I am a big fan of sex and masturbation for maintaining overall health. I agree with most of the replies. It doesn't hurt to experiment not masturbating but don't torture yourself. People are meant to pleasure themselves for a reason. I had a boyfriend that masturbated six times a day and then had sex with me every night. He had a problem but if you are only doing it twice a day and it's not getting in the way of your normal functioning and daily activities then enjoy!
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Please don't blame masterbation on causing your anxiety it is so not true!

If anything, When you masterbate you tense ALL your muscles in your body (sometimes without relasizing, hence the jelly legs), And then when its all over, your body relaxes again, just like your body would do, if you attended those therapy sessions where they teach you deep breathing etc.

It is the most natural thing to do in the world,just like being tickled and laughing!

I to suffered from GAD from taking drugs, i used to take everything, then one night BANG first ever panic attack, well more of a high feeling and fear od dying, was like it for weeks and weeks, never touched drugs again! (this was 10 years ago), still suffer with GAD, And the odd panic, Tried meds, But they are not for me!

Now i just eat healthy, cutting out all aspartame, fat, greece, msg and processed foods. And masterbate/have sex on a daily basis.. I love it!

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I want to say I respect everyones opinion but I can sympithise with riprock trying to figure this out and only getting replies from people who don't have this issue. They are trying to convince you its ok to masturbate and that the anxiety is not coming from masturbation but I can tell you I have the same problem and it is coming from masturbation, i know in my mind there is nothing wrong with masturbation. I am 47 I first masturbated when I was in first grade and have been hooked ever since. in my teens it was several times a day maybe 5, now its a couple times a week but the anxiety is always there. I plan my life around it. I don't masturbate within 3 days of an upcoming event where I will have to focus or be on my toes so to speak, or be in a social situation that is important. could be a date, interview etc. why? because my mood is altered, I can't focus as well, just not myself, make poor decisions. This issue is life altering, but others realy don't get it. I have read these forums for the last couple hours and I think I may be getting somewhere in at least finding others with the issue and who knows. But for those who don't have this issue it seems they just try to tell you its ok to masturbate, I can appreciate the posititve reinforcement and in reality there may be something to a deep seated guilt or shame issue that is in your subconsiouse even though your mind knows its right and ok to masturbate. As a kid I always remember being imbarrassed and that know one can ever know that I masturbate. Over the years I have learned its no big deal but you have to respect the power your subconsiouse has over how you feel. If I have sex with a woman the complete opposite happens I feel relaxed and happy, I have to surmise that my anxiety is coming from a deep seated belief I have about masturbation. This belief may cause me to have anxiety because I am masturbating, and release chemicals in the brain when I orgasim. I am a firm believer that the anxiety and mood that result are caused by a mix of psycological factors and brain chemistry, Each of these can affect the other. For me I just started looking into this issue because it has had a devistating effect on my life, social and otherwise. I don't know the answer right now but I know the hightened anxiety after I masturbate is from the orgasim and is chemical. Now if the chemicals released durring orgsim are different becasue of a fear or anxiety before and durring the masturbation then that is one thing. but for myself I am going to look into what can be done to unseat the deep seated beliefs I have or if I have a chemical imbalance that makes me succeptable to mood altering chemicals. Even when I have tried antidepressants I get an extreme anxiety reaction and cant take them. This to could be a result of having watched my sister go through some seriouse breakdowns and be given drugs to keep her under controle. I developed a real fear of drugs used to contole mood. I have never done drugs and I take no medication and never have. But from a very objective point of view I have beliefs about drugs and masturbation that go back to childhood. Didnt plan on being so long winded but its hard to relay 40 years of hell in a paragraph. To riprock, I say you should consider a psycological component as well as a chemical one, maybe treat both ask youself if you have ever had the belief that masturbation was wrong even if you now know it is right. What about when you were 10, who knows what effect things like this have on a 10 year old, beliefs can be very deepseated.  
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I just went to the site on sexual compulsive behavior that riprock posted and honestly, It may change my life. I can not thank you enough. I do not masturbate 20 times a day and never have, but an addict is an addict I know that, If you need a case of beer a day or just 5 it dosent really matter, the point is, is that you need it, and you need to figure out why. As for riprock I think you are on the right track, and my gut feeling was confirmed by what I read on the site. That your beliefs are the issue that started the whole problem or at least they play a major role. keep on this track.
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