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Medication Change - Urgent Help Please!

After a failed attempt to fix my anxiety and subsequent depression that has come from it over the last 14 weeks with Lexapro and Paxil, my psych is switching me too Remeron (Mirtazapine) 30mgs.  I started my first dose last night and already started my taper down of Paxil CR 50mg to Paxil CR 37.5 and hold there for a week.  I also take Clonazepam 1mg at night to help me sleep due to the paxil.  And I take Clonazepam .25mg dissolvable tablets during the day as needed for anxiety.  Well now that you know all the medicines...  I took the mix last night and within 40 minutes was out like a light.  When the alarm clock went off this morning my wife was pissed at me and stated "you don't remember last night?"  Supposedly she stated I was acting like a drunk.  Trying to talk to me and I would just mumble.  I got up one time during the night and stumbled in the bathroom running into the door (which I don't remember).  The weird thing is for the first time in a while I didn't wake up with anxiety this morning.  I am thinking I need to come down on the Clonazepam before bed time some but I don't want to do anything drastic that starts a bad withdrawal.  I have a call into my psych for answers but haven't heard back yet.  Just wondering if anybody ever else had this effect while on Remeron?  How long does it last?  Is Remeron a good drug for anxiety?
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Anybody out there?
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Ive never taken Remeron but that sounds a little scary, i think only your psyicholoist can really give you the answers your looking for.  But somewhere somehow your medication isnt mixing right.
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