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Medication!! Please help!!

I am a 20 year old female who has just got out of treatment for PTSD, EDNOS, self harm & alcoholism.
I am have been taking CYMBALTA (60mg), SEROQUEL(200mg) & IMOVANE (14mg) for the past 3 months or so
IN THE PAST 2 WEEKS i have been experiencing the following symptoms (and in a very serious way)
* fatigue
* nausea
* Shaking/ tremor (BAD)
* reflux
* Night sweats
* vivid dreams
* decreased appetite
* anxiety ++
* no interest in sex at all
* stiff muscles

I have to take the cymbalta but want to wein myself off the others- is there any explaination as to why im feeling these side effects?? Why are they so bad? are the related to any one medication or is it the combination?

PLease i need answers i cant function like this im constantly tired and weak, sick and dizzy that i cant even go back to work!!
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Seroquel can cause temporary movement disorders that can be easily treated with a side effect pill. As for the other medications look up "Depression Central" and learn more about them. With what you went through it might be worth asking about a change of antipsychotics if you can't tolerate Seroquel (Abilify is the one currently available with the least side effects, the antipsychotic agent I take does not have any of those side effects but its not an approved medication yet and still in Phase II FDA study). The mood stabilizer Lamictal from what I've read and personal experience works not just as a mood stabilizer but has some anti-psychotic effects (though it cannot replace an antipsychotic). I'd suggest having a calm and logical conversation with your psychiatrist about it instead of discontinuing anything but many of the sites on the links page are worth looking into to gain some ideas to talk about with your psychiatrist.
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Thanks you so much for your informativr and quick reply!! ill have a browse online now (:
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