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Medication and Pregnancy

Just wondering if anyone is pregnant and taking either Zoloft (sertraline) or Toprol XL (metaporpolol).  I currently take both - one for anxiety and the other because I have PVCs and tachycardia (which causes the anxiety).  I am now estimated 6 weeks pregnant, and am having to make the decision about wether or not to come off my meds.  I am in the process of weighing my pros and cons, but wonder if any other moms have been on any meds while pregnant.  I would appreciate any input.
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Obviously, I have not been pregnant before....If I was, I would be starting my own MedHelp forum...have you talked about this with your OBGYN?
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LOL!  Thanks for the response cj.  I have discussed this with my OB/GYN as well as my GP - they have both given me the pros and cons.  I just want to know if anyone else has had personal experience with having tomake the decision.
Thanks for the welcome note as well :-)
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Not a problem...I am glad you are consulting with your doctors!  Again, welcome!
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