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Medication for Anxiety

Hi I was diagnosed with anxiety a while a go but I never took any medication
I really believe I need medication because sometimes it can be pretty bad
I failed my exams for year 12 unit 3 due to having a panic attack -_-
I have shortness of breath, no matter what I know I suddenly forget everything. I have hot and cold chills run down my body. I feel dizzy. I start moving a lot, like rocking myself just to keep calm. (I sound crazy I know :P) I sometimes tremble and I just feel terrible. All this points to anxiety
My question is, what medication can I take that can help me to relax? Its not a regular thing I want to take, only when feeling very nervous
I searched up Xanax but the side affects scare me, I must admit.
I also searched up these other two native remedies the links are below

I'm allergic to wasps in case thats important and I think I have a mild version of hay fever
maybe a common not so fancy medication so I can find it easily. Where I live they don't supply all medications
I usually have to wait till I go to Australia.

Anyways many thanks!
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Hi......nothing sounds crazy when it comes to anxiety!  If we googled every medication out there we would never take anything due to side effects.  But if one person in a million has a side effect, they have to list it but  it doesn't mean it will happen to you.  Xanax sound like the perfect medication for you because i'ts used on an as needed basis, but only a doctor can tell you this for sure.  It's widely used with great success!  Talk to your doctor about it and he will know what is best for you.  Try not to get caught up in the side effects, medication turned my life around.
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Thanks mammo
Yeah your right, I just hope I'm not one of those few :P
I would talk to my Doctor but my parents disagree with me taking any peels that may cause addiction. Its just getting really bad for me and if I am to do a presentation for myself to get into Uni I'm gonna need to relax

Do you think a pharmacy would give me the peels? Without prescription? Its not going to be an everyday thing its mostly when I'm on stage or in any sought of way on the spot light

Much thanks!
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