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Medication for anxiety

I have suffered with anxiety for about 11 years now. It really hits me in social situations and in general is really bad. I went to Amazon to find something that would just put a block on it. After tons of research, I found one that i thought was best but I wanted to ask an opinion from a doctor on it and if it is indeed safe. I am not sure if I can post a link but if someone would let me know then I will reply with the link, thanks.
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Are you talking about taking medication not prescribed? Do you have a doctor u can talk to about your anxiety? Not sure if there are any doctors in here....... Might be?
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No, no doctors on this forum -- just us sufferers.  There used to be a psychiatrist on the doctor's forums, but I don't think there is one anymore.  But do know that no medication will "put a block on it."  They help, but they don't cure, so you'll feel better, but not necessarily free of the problem.  And they all have downsides.  Also be careful about Amazon -- if you're relying on the product reviews, and you might not be, almost all of them are done now by people paid to do them by giving them free stuff to review.  That means they may not actually have any need for the product.  I also don't know what "drug" is advertised on Amazon, so you might be talking about some "natural" product (remember, Amazon will sell anything, without consideration of the genuineness of the product).  So you can mention the product on here and somebody might be able to comment, but no doctors here, and if it's a natural product and not a medication, doctors won't be able to comment either since they don't study natural medicine.
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