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I had anxiety before going to bed so I took ativan. I also took my seroquel and trazodone. Will I be ok?
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I take Trazadone for sleeping, am on an SSRI, and also use Xanax as needed.  I don't think your medical provider would prescribe you the drugs if they weren't safe to take together.  
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Well I dont know your dosage of any of the meds you took, but I am on 100-150 mg of seroquel and sometimes take a 1/2 of an ativan if i am anxious and cant sleep. But the Trazadone, I am unsure about. I would ask your pharmacist about it if you are unsure.
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Always take your meds are directed by your doctor.  If you're not sure how to take them, ask your doctor first.  What are your doses of each med, and how long have you been on each med?

You can always call your doctors after hours number and have him paged to call you back if you are concerned.  It wouldn't hurt.
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  The best thing to do would be to read the instructions on the package insert on the medications and also what your psychiatrist has written on the prescription vial. If you have taken the medications within the specific printed guidelines that is one thing If not the best thing to do is to leave your psychiatrist a message to let them know so they can tell you what the best thing is to do.
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