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Medications and Anxiety

I have lived with Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 23 years and have taken Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro.  Prozac makes me irritable, Zoloft made me sick and more anxious, and Lexapro made me too tired and took my libido away.  I am 3 1/2 years sober from alcohol.  Any suggestions on a medication that might help?  I cannot wait for a month for it to work and am nervous to try benzo's due to the addiction factor, though I have not had experience being addicted to pills other than adderoll when i was in college.  WOuld Celexa be a good thing to try?  I just would like to have help with ideas to take to my doctor.  I have my first visit with him this week and am sick of the cycle.  I need to remember the meds are what makes me okay and stop going off of them.  But I need something that works completely and none of the above have taken my anxiety and panic both away to the point where I could live normally (stay home alone, etc.).  Any advice?
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How long you took those 3 antidepressants u mentioned above? If less than 2 months each then it doesn't count. You need to give it time to work and side effects to go away.

If you took them for longer time then try celexa, celexa works well with many people and has fewer side effects. If that doesnt help try effexor but be aware that it is very hard to withdraw from it. Also keep in mind that sexual side effects are common with almost all AD.

I have GAD and take effexoe and klonopin. Might go back to celexa in the future though.
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No medication will take all your symptoms away, they'll just help some.  Therapy or natural remedies try to cure the body and mind, medication only treats symptoms.  And nothing works quickly; even meds take time to work.  Turn to meds only when all else has failed, or if your life is so limited you really can't function without them.  If you're at that point, you have to give any med time to work, put up with side effects, and deal with something like addiction.  But we're all addicted to eating, and that doesn't bother us any.
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It is hard to ask someone which medication might work...and what works for others.  There is no such thing as a miracle pill that will take it all away.  You just learn to cope and have a new set of skills.  You will start to feel much better. But you have to give it time.  Most..or all anti-depressants take time...they just don't start working within 1 week..no matter how badly you want them too.   I am not a doctor...just soemone who decided anit-depressants are not for me...not going to do it. tried them gave them there time, and it just made my anxiety worse.  They did nothing for depression, actually because I don't suffer from it.  I have anxiety due to health issues.  We are all different and what may work for one person may not work for another!  Just keep talking to your doctor!  

Good luck!
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I highly recommend the Panic away program, this guy is awesome and he helps you through a book,an "in the moment of anxiety attack" audio clip that helps anyone going through an anxiety attack that moment and his "one move technique" is all about you confronting your anxiety. It can help you get over your anxiety for good. Also these books are very good, Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Clair weeks and The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns
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