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I would like to know if there is any long term side affects from using Paxil 12.5 mg
once a day and Wellbutrin XL 150 mg three times a day. I've tried several times in the
past few years to come off of the medications.  I have learned that anxiety is a disorder.  
I don't mind taking the medications if they help me,but I don't want to suffer from long term
affects. Thank you for your help on this question.
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I would also like to know about this.  Anyone have any personal experience or just information in general?
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In my experience with medications, I personally believe as long as you are taking them as prescribed, in the long term you are doing the right thing. As with any medications, there are risks versus the expected benefits, but if you need them and they are working, then by all means if the doctor's say it is okay, then I believe you are definately doing more good than harm.  I know people that have been on ADs for over 12 years and they are in 'tip top' shape/health.  Heck, there have even been studies now that show that taking SSRIs may even regenerate brain cells, however, you will always here horror stories about any medication you are on.  The same is true for any other medication over the counter or prescribed....statistically it is not going to agree with someone out there.  I have more side effects from taking a Claritan for my allergies than I ever have had with an AD.  It is also good you are asking these questions because you both want to be educated what you are putting into your bodies.  There are many good resources to use like your doctors and pharmacists who fill your prescriptions; as you know I am not a doctor or a pharmacist so I can only give my opinion.  Good communication between the patient and the prescriber is a win win situation.  Keep asking those questions!
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