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Medicine Substitution: (need an answer ASAP)

can alprazolam be substituted for citalopram?
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If you have only just started the alprazolam you should get away with it. But if you have been taken it for a prolonged period of time I wouldn't just stop one and start the other. That might be a bit too risky. With withdrawls felt. This is a question your doctor should be able to answer for you. Prolonged use may be a slow switch over. To just up and stop alprazolam may cause more harm than good.
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I would talk to your doctor first.  These medictions are in different classes. One is a benzo, used on an as needed bases and the citalopram is an SSRI.  In my experience, many doctors will prescribe a benzo when you start an SSRI.  SSRIs can take weeks to 'kick in,' and for one to start feeling its benefits.  Did you just start taking citalopram?  
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