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Hello there. Ok so about 6-7 months ago I had a dream that I was watching myself get something in the hospital to make me go to sleep. However when they injected me I watched myself die, then the "me" who was watching me in the dream fell over like I was dying and I heard all these weird womping sounds like I was asending to heaven. This does not help with my death anxiety I already have had. I cant take anything because i am 8 months pregnant now, and I am so scared to go into labor thinking something will go wrong. I dont know why I continue to have these dreams. During this time my husband and I werent doing that great, could that be the cause? And yes I went and saw a shrink but she did nothing for me. All I did was talk for an hour while she sat and listened and said to do relaxing techniques. Which I dont feel helped me at all. I could of told myself that. Please I need some advice!
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I have had anxiety attacks lately and was talking to a friend that said when she was pregnant she started having panic attacks and couldn't take any medication for it either. She said they were so bad she thought she was going to die. She said the only thing that got her through her pregnancy was praying to God. Try that and see. He can get you through anything!
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