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Meds for anxiety???

Hello - wanted to see what people are taking for anxiety. I have tried Prozac and Zoloft and they actually made me worse. Problem is, unlike most people, I don't have depression and anxiety - just anxiety.

I have Clonazepam to take as needed, but my doc wanted to put  me on an anti-convulsant med (Oxcarbazepine) - brand name Trileptal. It is for seizures, but apparently also used for anxiety. Anyone try this or something similar?

SSRIs did NOT work for me, so this would be the next route.

I have moderate to severe anxiety with symptopms of constant racing thoughts, feeling like I am looking my mind, the actual Panic attacks with the sweating, racing heart, thinking I am dying. etc..

Any feedback is appreciated!!!
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Hi there.  I am currently trying Buspar, just coming off Lexapro, that did not work for me.  The Buspar so far is not working either and I am supposed to try Effexor in the next few days.  I am very scared to try the Effexor, but I have every single symptom you have, and I can't take it anymore.  The xanax takes them away, but it does not let me have a clear head, and it is addicting.  As soon as the xanax wears off, I go right back into anxiety and attacks.  I tried Zoloft in the past too and it did not help.  
I did not think I had any depression, BUT, 5 years ago, I tried the Lexapro and it worked really well on my severe anxiety, and at that time I discovered that I actually felt happier too, so I did not realize that I had some depression too.  
There are other medicines besides the Zoloft and Prozac in the SSRI's that can still work well.  My Dr. said those two are probably the worst ones for anxiety, but everybody is different.  
The Effexor is an SNRI, so it is different than SSRI.  
I don't know if any of this helps, but you are definetely not alone.  I hope you will be able to find something to help you, this is miserable.
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Clonazepam is not a drug that is prescribed to "take as needed".  It is normally prescribed 2 times a day to control anxiety 24/7.  Antidepressants are the normal route taken to control anxiety and often an anxiety medication is added like Xanax, Clonazepam and there are several others.  For people resistant to antidepressants, many have gotten good results with Pristiq.  Trileptal can be used to treat anxiety. If you're not seeing a psychiatrist for your meds...I definitely would as they are most knowledagable on the medications and can refer you to the proper therapist which would be very beneficial for you.  It concerns me that the doctor you are seeing isn't aware that Clonazepam is not a drug to be "taken as needed", this is a big red flag that you may want to switch doctors. We all respond differently to these types of medications so what one experiences may not be another's experience on the same drug. Unfortunately it is often trial and error as to what drug will work best for us and it can become very frustrating.  But know that once you find the right one(s) it will be well worth it!  I wish you all the best!
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I tried Ciprilex and it owrked for me as well as Lorazapam.  Usually with medication, it makes you feel worse before better in the beginning because you body has to get used to the medication.  I would suggest doing things that actually eliviate your anxiety.  Have you ever talked to a health professional about it before?  I felt that seeing a psycho therapist worked for me as well as developing tools to identify my triggers or get to the core of why I was having anxiety.  I know it sounds silly to some, but really focuss on your breathing, there are many breathing techniques that have helped me, you can find many on the internet.  If your a smoker and generally smoke when you get anxiety that can make it worse.  Do things that are going to make you relax....take a walk, color, draw, exercise.
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I take Zoloft, but unlike you, I have depression AND anxiety. I also take Xanax on an as-needed basis for panic attacks.

I am surprised by mammo's post, because my doctor also prescribed me Klonopin on an as-needed basis. It didn't work for me because it made me feel really foggy and weird. But my doc was very clear that I didn't need to take it regularly.
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I know its easier said than done, but natural is the way to go. I was having severe panick/anxiety attacks to the point where I was hyperventalating so bad my whole body would become paralized. I tried everything, xanax, valium buspar and all that. To me, the side effects of any drug are worse than anxiety its self. Learn to control it, breath through it and you will get passed it. Believe me, its better than all those meds.
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Haven't read thru all the responses here.  Just want to say that the core problem for me as for you is anxiety....not depression.  I was misdiagnosed and given tricyclics for several years before this was discovered.  Landed in hospital several times ....anxiety off the charts.  

Today...it is true SSRIs are helpful to many....but not to me.  Made me mad to find this out...like the flip flops that I see on every other person in the grocery store...I can't wear them....feet and toes cramp up ..haha....so what do we do when what works for the majority just doesn't for us??

In. my case...it is all about being honest with your psychiatrist...building rapport and trust.
I take klonopin...have for years...and function well on it.  My doc would never tell me  to take as needed....but gives me the leeway to take 1/2 or 1 tab (1 mg) twice a day...I like that...because some days I really don't need as much as other days.  I carry cut up tabs in bottle ..keep in pocketbook.  But generally when heading out the door I think: will this event go better if I take 1/4 tab of klonopin?  

I dont want you to get the idea that is all I do to keep anxiety at bay....there is a CD I use while driving....carry an MP3 player to plug in one ear...have cell phone charged in case of emergency....fav teddy bear rides shotgun!  

And if someone can make it fine without meds...that is all good too.  I can't.  And don't want to debate that one.  Oh....klonopin def does nothing but clear my mind to focus on whtever...traffic...social interactions...shopping....so we are all different.

Best to you....

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