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Mental hospital - an option?

I'm seriously considering entering a mental hospital. I can't sleep or eat, I've lost a bunch of weight, I'm scared to have my daughter for fear I can't take care of her, and I am spending most of my time at work either dozing off or getting online to seek help for my anxiety. I've been taking Zoloft for two weeks now, but I only feel worse (please see my other post about that). I've been getting more and more desperate and I'm not sure what that will lead to. I am afraid of what will happen when I go up on my dose (only at 12.5 mg) and my doc wants me to wait another week just to try. I can't stand the thought of trying to keep going for three more weeks before I *might* start to feel some relief. I've already been through almost two months of hell. I just feel like I should be doing more to help myself get better, but I have work and regular life getting in the way.

Has anyone gone into a facility or day treatment? Did it help? Was it worth the expense?
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oh my im so sorry your having such a rough time.

i dont know about going for a day treatment or anything, i know that the mental health place by my house cosys 1500 a day if you want treatment, and the only way you dont pay is if the police bring you.

have you talked to your dr about it? maybe they can get you in there for the day with his permission and they wont charge you.
tomorrow is my 2 weeks mark but im taking 25 mgs and will start taking 50 tomorrow

the sleeping is hard but i been taking a xanax everynight to make sure i fall asleep, i used to nap every afternoon but thats gone out the window. i can also eat, but i have also lost 20 lbs, i had surgery right before i started taking the zoloft so no tellling which one is responsible for it. obvisously your REALLY sesnitive to meds.have you tried others besides zoloft?i think getting to your moms for a while so she can help you and your daughter is a GREAT idea....when are you doing that?
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I was gonna go to my mom's for a couple of weeks, maybe this weekend (would have to get flights). But my doc said he didn't want me changing my meds while I'm out of town. So I'd have to come back and face that alone. She can't come back with me because she works full time. So I feel totally stuck and desperate.
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im so sorry, try n stay strong
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Have you been seeing a therapist? You may want to start with finding a psychologist in your area first. Taking meds strictly by a family physician's prescription may help you weather the anxiety storm, but it won't help to actually treat the anxiety and what is really troubling you.

What type of anxiety are you suffering from?
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Yes, I am seeing a psychiatrist who also does therapy. But we haven't been able to do much therapy cuz we always talk about my meds. I am seeing a different/my old therapist today, because she is more of a social worker/counselor. I'm hoping she can help me figure out what to do. I trust her better.

I have GAD.
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I went to a psychiatric hospital here in Pittsburgh last year and it was a big mistake. They honestly did nothing to help my anxiety. They had two psych doctors come to down to the ER and meet with me and talk with me and then sent me on my way. Maybe the mental hospital in your area is better but to me it seemed that they were more concerned with substance abuse cases and major mental disorders than they were with anxiety. I got the "calm down and just relax and you'll be ok" Meanwhile i literally hadn't slept in 72 hours and hadn't eaten in that 72 hours either. It was awful. I had to quit my job and couldn't do anything by myself. My therapist was much more helpful than the mental hospital was.
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