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Mirtazapine Dosing

I am currently on 75mg daily of mirtazapine (Remeron), I started out at 45 initially for GAD and depression, it has worked fairly well except for a few odd side effects (loud noises and light flashes send what feels like a charge through my body) I have seen the typical dosage at 15 to 45 mg, the Psychiatric nurse practitioner I am seeing assures me that this is a safe dosage, has anyone else see dosages this high? I was just curious. I am also experiencing some pain in my fingers/hands/biceps, but similar pain also occurred before the pill, supposedly due to the anxiety/stress I was feeling.
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I've just come off of Remeron and my dosage was 15mg.  My doctor (gp) wanted me to go up to 30 mg but it really wasn't a positive experience for me and my panic attacks increased.  After trying that, I started to see a psychiatrist and he lowered my dosage to 15 mg and I felt a lot better.  My psychiatrist told me that dosage level is VERY individual.  What is high for one person may be low for another.  Don't fret about the level...more importantly;   Is the medication working for you?  If it is, then that is the right dose for YOU.  It is unreasonable to expect a little person of 100 lbs. to take the same dose of someone who is 200 lbs. OR whose metabolism is different.

I hope this helps.    
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