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I have just been prescribed Mirtazapine/Rameron by my doctor yesterday for Anxiety and mild depression does any body have any experience using the medication?  I done a bit of research on the Internet and not much information have come up for the benefits it would have on anxiety just mostly depression.  

Any help would be great.  

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Remoron ( Zispin in Ireland ) works for anxiety by blocking off some nerve receptors in the brain. I take it and don't suffer from depression. It can have side effects of weight gain on some people. Not me. I'm a skinny feck. ( Haha ) Can also bring on nightmares when asleep. I love that side effect. Love the tablet. Sollutab form. Disolves on the tongue. Is great.
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Cheers for the info mate, its my 1st time of taking any medication for my anxiety/Depression so hope it goes ok, Doc put me on 15mg to be taken a hour before my bed!  and im prettyy skinny aswell so the weight gain would be a bonus! ha
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It should put you to sleep. You can expect that. But I find I wake after a few hours and am wide awake. The dose you are on is low enough. I know people on twice that dose. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
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Well I have had 2 days off it now and to be honest im feeling a lot more anxious and restless than normal, while its uncomftable It just about bearable is this normal to feel like this at the start of taking medication?  My doc didn’t say much! I know it can take 2 weeks or more for the medication to start working so think I will just see how it goes.  You was right tho I have had 2 lovely sleeps! Ha
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I think we all nervous taken new medication. Because we don't know what to expect. I found no lead up effects to the remoron kicking in. But that is me. We all react in various ways to medication. I would imagine you are just wondering what will happen when it kicks in. Many a time I sat there looking at clock knowing medication was meant to do something within an hour. I was waiting to see what it would do to me. How I would feel. Biggest let down was when nothing new happened. Just felt normal. I think it can play on our minds a bit. What effect the tablet will have on us.
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ive taking it really helped with my depression made me gain weight its a good one other than that
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