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Movie Anxiety

I know this sounds kinda crazy but i saw this movie that really hitt me like i first got depressed and than i got anxious and than i felt like i was living in it and than second seing things it used to be the only thing i could ever think about going to school going to bed and hanging out w my friends and family as a way for me to try and forget its been a month now and i can sleep and eat again but i feel like just upset as i was before i was even starting to get bad nightmares and i felt like i was always going to have it the back of my mind and stop me from doing things like i cant even read a book or watch a movie without thinking about it is there something bad about this have i gone crazy haha my doctor said it took him 6 months to get over something like this before but im afriad its just going to get worse and worse like i dont want to actualy think about doing those things to myself like i saw in the movie  
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Well can i ask what movie was it you watched?  Was it a horror?  Also how old are you?

Some people are much more sensitive to watching horrors or thrillers, especially if you are either young and have a good imagination or have had a somewhat sheltered life.  

I too have had felt some extreme emotions when watching footage of real life situations and a couple have had me in total dispair.  I think the thing you have to realise now is that you should not watch other movies in the same genre, stay well away from them and you have to understand that what you watched in this movie isn't real.  Next time you have a flash back of this movie try and visualise it like on a movie set, so see the actors putting on their fake blood or costumes, say 'action' and then if you can add in some funny lines or actions into the movie it will then  make your thoughts less frightening.

Also i think you should have another word with your doctor and make sure you get across this time how this is affecting your life, maybe you may need some help coming to terms with this bad expereince.  

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If you look at what movies are made of today. They are out to shock people. Saw. Not sure if you saw the latest one in the serious. It would make you sick. People cutting lumps of their own flesh off. I don't even class them as horror movies. More gore movies. I don't bother even watching them. I just turn them off and put on something with more of a plot to it. Good comedy and the likes. But the whole idea of films is touch at the heart strings of human emotions. Be it to scare you or make you cry or fall in love with the main character. That is something you have to understand. Much like reality tv is out to shock us in ways. It plays with our emotions. That's the whole idea of it all. One movie I always find so sad is ' Once Were Warriors '. It won a fair few awards back in its day. It was so realistic. Hard hitting. The acting was amazing. It brought home a clear message and picture. But it was just a film at the end of the day. But it would still bring a tear to the eye. Just one of those films. Plays with the emotions. Just know your level and stick within it. Avoid what you don't like as Julie said. We can also connect with some movies. It could trigger something within off. A sleeping giant. Who knows for certain. it may have effected you in such a way to it woke up some feelings that you had buried away.
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This is what movies and books are for, assuming you're not talking about some slasher movie.  To make you think.  Sometimes it's unsettling, but it's just food for thought.
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Yes, they can play with the emotions for sure. And some shock the living daylights out of you. But I have actually seen how movies are made. And they can go to the extreme. They can make it all looks so real, and with the technology they have today, even more realistic, and that is to get the effect it had on you. It is like when we were young, and we would play games, pretending. Only movies are more realistic because you are viewing it all happen, but it is just on screen, and just all pretend, all made up to scare, affect every emotion you could ever have. As MrGreen said, "they are out to touch the heart and strings of the emotions."
There was a movie Blare Witch, and some people actually thought it was a true story, but it was not. It was made to look like an actual documentary. It was all made up, not true at all. It sure did stir up a lot of emotions for sure. And I agree, if movies like that affect you as that one did, then never watch another like it.
Horror movies do not bother me, because it is the people of the real world that I fear worse. Because you never know. Too much bad in the world today, people like Ted Bundy. But then there so many good people also.
I love water, but I am afraid of it when I cannot see what is lurking underneath. I love fishing, trout fishing, and I wade, but I grant you, I not so far I cannot see what is on the bottom. I am ok swimming as long as there is someone with me close by. That is because I did at one time, when I was about 13, have something dragging me in until the water was up to my chest, and I was only about knee deep. I started screaming and it took two older guys dragging me in by the arms, to get me out of the water. They never found what left the marks on my leg, but it was not rope marks we were told. That is why I am afraid of what may be underneath. So I agree there may have been something triggered. And you should make sure your doctor is really listening and understanding what you are saying here. But then, it could be the affect that movies like that, which are made so realistic, for the purpose of the effects on the watcher of the movie, took on you. In effect, it took its effect. So again, as MrGreen stated, avoid watch movies that affect you like that.
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7 or 8 years ago I watched a horror movie, that still bothers me when I think about it today, but not to the extent it did when I first saw it. Last week I watched "Changling" because I had NO idea about what became of the missing boys, and it creeped me out for a couple days. A few years ago I had to walk out of an action movie because of the gore. My point to all this is all the "movie mistakes" I've made have helped me learn my boundaries about what I can and can't watch. Horror films never bothered me before, but after I developed another fear at 17 about "going crazy" so to speak, I got terrified of watching the crazy people in horror films. Watch a funny tv show to distract yourself. I'm a huge Nick @ Nite supporter lol. That's what I do after i watch something that scares me. I also think all the advice above is really good about how the movies are suppose to make us emotional and about how movies are made. There was one horror film (I don't remember which) that I watched the making of on hbo before I saw it, then the movie didn't scare me at all. Movies are suppose to be entertainment. If one isn't entertaining, it just plain terrifies you, turn it off. I hope you're feeling better.
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