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Muscle Twitches, Slight Hand Tremor? Please read!

Hi, I'm 23 years old and a 3rd year dental student.  The past 2 years I've noticed that my hands shake when I'm creating force with them or out-stretching them but not really a "resting tremor".  It sort of happens with my neck when I try to keep it still standing up straight.  I am experiencing random muscle twitches in my arm around the elbow, on the back of my thigh, and sometimes on my face.  Sometimes these are just 1 twitch, or sometimes they continue for about 30 seconds.  No pins and needles feelings.  When I work out I shake quite a bit especially during bench press or doing sit ups.  This has been pretty much ALL i've been thinking about the past 2 years for every second of the day because I'm in dental school and although right now I can work with my tremor because we fulcrum everything in dentistry but if it gets worse and worse I don't know what I'll do.  I feel like its all I ever think about, and its caused a great deal of anxiety.  Anyone else have similar symptoms to what I'm having?  All I ever think is that I have parkinson's disease and that scares me to death.  Please, if anyone is experiencing what I am, let me know.
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Sorry to see your going through thus right now. What u explain r all symptoms of anxiety. But they can be caused by other things like lack of sleep r a nerve problem. You should see your dr first to rule out anything serous. And if it is anxiety then your in the right place. Lot of people here can help you understand your symptoms. You may also some talk therapy to find out what's the cause of your anxiety. But check with dr first.
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Thanks for the reply.  I'm out of the country right now but when I get home I want to go to a neurologist to try and rule out anything serious like you said.  I appreciate your compassion.  I guess it could be all from anxiety, this could of course effect what I've been working at to be for about 7 years now so there is quite a lot of pressure.  Plus I haven't talked to anyone about it.. ever.   It's always been inside of me boiling up to the point of breaking.  That post was the first time I actually ever put anything out there.  Daffy, you simply just replying did more help than you know.  Thanks.
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I could be a nerve problem or stress but it also looks to me like it could be early signs of parkinsons disease. I am not trying to frighten you in any way. I worked in a nursing home and the elderly I was around suffered from parkinsons. Many of the tremors you mention are similar in parkinsons patients. Now it is very rare that someone so young would have that problem but it is definitely something to keep in mind and be aware of in the future. I wish you the best of luck. That is wonderful that you are going to Dental school. I am a RDH and I know how stressful it can be.. KEEP IT UP! :)
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any update on this? because its seems to be very similar to what I have right now. I have been experiencing this for more or less than 5 years now.
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any update on this? because its seems to be very similar to what I have right now. I have been experiencing this for more or less than 5 years now.
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