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Muscle Twitching?

I've started feeling muscle twitches under my eye, in my arm, and in my leg. I've had it on my arm most of of today. Is it normal to have it most of the day? I'm kind of worried about because it sounds like some sort of neurological problem. Sometimes i'll just get them in my leg and my eye for a couple for a seconds. Does anxiety contribute to this?
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Can be part of anxiety disorder or can also occur from some medications which cause temporary movement disorders which can be treated with a side effect pill. Ask your psychiatrist what they think it is and then they could decide how to treat it.
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In my experience, I would have to agree that twitches can occur all over the body due to stress, fatigue and anxiety.  Also, you may be more sensitized and notice more of what is going on with yourself when you are anxious especially about your health.  Why not ask your doctor about this?
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Thanks for the two responses, i'm not on any medication at the moment. I am worried about it so in that case I will consult a doctor about it.

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