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Muscle aches fatigue

Does anyone have constant fatigue / muscle aches during day cause of Anxiety ???
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Yes, I know I do. I think many of us here on this forum have muscle aches and pains.
Some relaxation techniques and exercise can sometimes help.
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I do... For sure. My heating pad has become my best friend. The best thing for the fatigue is to GET MOVING... sounds crazy but exercise helps immensely... Also vitamins are a good healthy energy booster. Best of luck to you...
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do you guys like wake up of a morning but your body feels like it just ran a heavy marathon for the next half of the day.....
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do you feel like your body has ran a heavy marathon  for half the day ...
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I know very well this feeling.
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Where are the muscle aches?
What do you mean feel like you ran a marathon - do you mean you are just tired or what? Lots of people are not morning people so do you feel energetic later in the day?
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