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Muscle pain in one leg only while sleeping and ulcer?

I don't know if this is anxiety related.  At this point however, i'm thinking that every ache/bump/etc is anxiety related.
For the past two nights i've woken up in the middle of the night as my right leg - thigh/calf/shin is so incredibly sore that I can't sleep.  I don't understand what this is.  I tried stretching it out, walking on it (the pain subsides when i move around on it) but as soon as lay down again the pain is back.  I finally had a take a tylenol to get rid of the pain.

now today i'm sitting here at work and it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Also, since wednesday i've been having horrible stomach pains.  I'm lactose intolerant/gluten intolerant, but these are the same type of pains.  I feel the pain in my upper tract (just above my stomach) and then in my stomach and down into my intestines.  It hurts the most when I drink or eat, so needless to say i haven't eaten much in the past 3 days.  I've never experienced this before and I wonder if all the stress I've put myself under over this HIV thing has caused me to get an ulcer or something.
I'm at the point where i'm about ready to go to emerg if it doesn't improve by tonight.

some answers from anyone would be fantastic!
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Hi Michael.
I think i'm actually going to go to a walk in clinic in the next few mintues...the pain in my stomach is excrucitating and the pain in my calf is terrible.

i agree, i do need to be examined.
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You said it yourself. You think every little ache and pain you experience is anxiety related and oftentimes we do set ourselves up for this to occur.

I'm more concerned, however, with your stomach symptoms, although stomach problems are quite often the result of anxiety, they could be indicative of a more serious condition.

If improvement is not seen in the next 24 hours, I would seriously suggest that you're examined by a physician for possible causes other than anxiety.

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