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My 13 year old son has really bad anxiety episodes

Just recently anxiety has taken over my 13 year old sons life. He is constantly having sexual thoughts that lead to anxiety he will tense up & look so frighten. It scares us but we try not to show it so that he remains calm.  we have sat down and talked to him to tell him its better for him to talk about them and that its ok. but he tells us about these thoughts that keep reoccuring over & over in his mind... his schedule to see a psychiatrist soon and he had a MRI brain scan done. we are waiting on the results... just praying his going through an emtional puberty phase and that it will pass..
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It's great you had him go through proper md tests. I'm guessing he is just a 13 year old boy going through usual stuff a 13 year boy goes through.... I know I did some weird stuff at 13 and had weird sexual thoughts. I'm willing to bet his mri will check out ok. Talking to a therapist will be great, he/she will give you better information than I can for sue
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When I was 13 I started reaching sexual awareness but I wasn't aware of it at all, my parents were clueless.  My Mom thought I was wetting the bed!  She finally took me to a doctor, and all it took was him telling me it was normal.  That ended it.  But the time it took had its toll.  We all go through it, but it's harder for some than others depending on how they think about things.
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thank you... we just feel helpless... we are praying this too will pass.. he is such a smart kiddo & very caring...
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thank you for the reply
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Anxiety problems use to came for some reason, maybe now you dont know it but with some help you ll find the main problem. The sexuality it's just a human action, never judge your child !  
continue working and i'm sure that you would find the way.
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thank you
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For a boy going through puberty must be rough! Even when I was a 15 year old girl I was beginning to have sexual thoughts. Which is completely natural. It did scare me a ton though! All those new feelings seem to come at once and it can cause a lot of anxiety. I began seeing a therapist and that really helped me. I wouldn't jump right into a  psychiatrist because they will immediately want to put him on a bunch of medications. I would talk to a therapist first. When I was that age seven years ago I went to my therapist for almost two years before seeing a psychiatrist. Then I was put on medication to calm my anxiety.

This to shall pass!
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thank u... i was thinking the same thing... i would have to look up some licensed therapist in the area.
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Just reassure him that there's always help when he needs it... Basically it's puberty... I went through the same stuff at his age. When I went and spoke to a doctor for reassurance, after having a panic attack ...I was fine. If he needs help with medication just make sure he knows that it's just for assistance when needed
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thank you... Its just scary seeing him go through it & how its affecting him and the rest of the family..  He is such a smart kid... honor roll & top of the list in his school orchestra class.. its fustrating too me.. i want a quick fix... just got  his brain MRI scan back today and they were normal... its just so heartbreaking too see cope & being confused when these thoughts take over his mind and he has so lil control....
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Has anyone discussed with him about what's going on with his body...father or good friend. I remember when I was younger that my close friends really helped me understand.... Sorry to ask but is he pretty social? Lots of friends?
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yes my husband has talked to him many times. & no his not very social & has lil friends. his kind of shy...
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