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My Anxiety Experience

This is my first post and I would like to say it’s really comforting know that so many people suffer from anxiety. I have been experience anxiety since July 2010. My first attack was triggered from a night of heavy drinking. Lately my anxiety is just getting the best of me and is starting to be a regular ocurance even when I don’t consume alcohol. It comes out of nowhere and am left in feeling impending doom. My symptoms include dizziness, being lightheaded, hard pounding heart, sweaty palms, legs tingling, headaches. It just soo awful and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to be on meds and I don’t want to get addicted to alcohol. The only time this anxiety is gone is when i am intoxicated, but the next day I cant function. I always worry about my health, I am in the gym 5 days a week and get anxiety when I feel like I might have something extremely serious wrong with me. I don’t have health insurance so its really hard to be able to afford a doctors visit plus many tests. I am just looking for advice as to why this anxiety is effecting me so bad. Its ruling my life and my mind is on this 24 hours of the day. I am desperate at this point and just want other opinions on why this is happening to me and how to fix this. Thank you.  
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Hey, Sorry to hear you are having troubles, as a long time anxiety sufferer myself, I feel your pain. without knowing everything about your situation I can only give you limited advice. You might need medication and or therapy for a limited amount of time. I know they suck but trust me they work and are better than getting smashed and feeling like crap the next day. Alcohol makes my anxiety 10 times worse the next day. Without insurance I would try to find a general practioner with a low fee to see once and they can give you something. Better yet contact a mental health service center in your area. They can either provide or direct you to mental health professionals that are either free or very cheap that work on a sliding scale based on your income. Hang in there. It gets better. It is a disability that you learn to deal with over time. Meds do help. I take KLONOPIN everyday and its a lifesaver. Self help books that teach breathing techniques and other natural ways to deal with anxiety, as far as physical goes, you are probably ok and its anxiety but go to the ER , they can't turn you away.  hang in there. always here to help.
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What helped me most was remembering that these are just thoughts. That's it. Look at them with the awareness that you are separate from them. They are not "you" and they only have power when you let them.
That's the tough part about having an active and highly creative imagination-- our minds have that much more effect on our bodies.
We can come with all sorts of serious health problems we might have and even convince ourselves that they are true. But if we are aware that it is just our thoughts; our imagination creating these unpleasant symptoms then we have more power to control it.
Good for you for not wanting to depend on medication or recreational substances as means to cope. You'll get much further ahead if you skip that part and take care of the root of the issue: your mind.

We're here for you! Send me a message if you ever need to talk.

All the best,
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I definitely agree with BeeFree.  Also, look at the foods you eat.  MSG can cause neurological problems....anxiety....also microwaving foods.  Take long deep breaths thourghout the day.  When you do that, relax your whole body until you feel it "melt".  Then start focusing on the things that make you happy and VISUALIZE it. Your mind has the ability to go where ever you desire.
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Except for the drinking, it sounds like you are doing a lot to help with your anxiety, like exercising.  The drinking has been masking your problems and now they are demanding to be dealt with.  Anxiety often has a root cause, an unresolved issue from our past.  With therapy you can determine if this is your situation, and deal with it along with learning relaxation techniques.  What you're getting are "panic attacks" and this is a normal reaction coming at the wrong time.  It is our "fight or flight" mode which kicks in when we're in a bad situation.  Our brain floods our body with adrenaline to allow us to protect ourselves.  Since it's not needed all this adrenaline has nothing to work on and it results in all the symptoms you describe........a panic attack.  They aren't harmful, just scares the heck out of us.  Exercise is great for anxiety and keeping your mind busy with other things.  Knowing it's a normal response coming at the wrong time helps understand it all. Panic attacks are difficult to control on our own, so seeking help is advisable.  There are clinics that charge according to your income, and they are in all cities.  It does sound like your anxiety is stemming from you worrying about your health, this obcession alone causes great anxiety.  Journaling your feelings is very therapeutic, putting it all down on paper is a form of release. You're not alone with this, we all understand and do care.  Talk to us and seek help so you can get beyond this.  I wish you all the best and take care!
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Hello and thank you for all your responses, it is greatly appreciated. As I sit here at work on the night shift I cant even get it together. So just and update....I basically had another episode and rushed over to the doctors office because I was so concerned and thought I was gonna die. The doctor feels that I am Hypoglycemic and it is inducing anxiety. My Blood pressure was through the roof however later came down to a normal range. My doctor also feels that some of the anxiety is coming from depression. I explained that I don’t feel depressed or sad and I am very active, however he prescribed me a anti depressant medication:/ I really don’t think this anxiety is mind induced and don’t feel like I need to be on a anti de-present medication. I feel that this might have something to do with my heart. In the past 3 or 4 years I have had 2 EKGs and 2 Chest X rays on numerous occasions concerning chest pains and back pains.However everytime I was cleared and everthying came back fine. I really don’t know if those symptoms are connected to my anxiety, dizziness,  and headaches at this present time. The doc basically told me to update him in 3 to 4 weeks once the anti depressants kick in. I am experiencing extreme nausea from this medication and feel like its doing more harm then good. I am so nerve racked I feel like I was ripped off the 100 dollar doctor visit. I would really like a second opinion and I would really appreciate more feedback concerning this. Sorry for my rant, and Thanks again. Anthony
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This is my first post. I would just like to tell you about another person's experience.  This friend was having panic attacks and would go to the ER thinking he had a heart attack.  Finally, he was told it was not his heart, but panic attacks.  A doctor gave him some med and he carried it around with him, like a lucky charm.  It somehow stopped his attacks and he has not had any since.  One time when I was in a panicky state, he told me to try to "hold on" and I felt that I couldn't.  So, he said, just for five minutes.  That seemed do-able and I finally was able to calm down.   So you see that other people have problems too and eventually some are solved, so realize you have friends here who understand.  You are not alone in this world.  This is a good place where you can rant and know that someone cares enough to talk to you.  Good luck and good health.  BTW, the holidays somehow stress everyone, so take it easy and keep up your exercise.  Jeff Rutstein wrote a book on fitness.  He has a way of concentrating on the muscle being exercised and he says, "Strengthening the body to heal the mind."    Good luck, again.
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