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My Anxiety Symptoms (Just want to vent virtually)

Hello! Good day to you. It’s currently night time here as I live in the Eastern side of the world and well, my anxiety have been keeping me awake and I actually just had a breakdown a couple of hours ago (sobbing fits in the bathroom so no one could hear me heh!) Anyway, I actually just wrote a post a while ago about a certain symptom that I’ve been worrying about so please do check that out as well if you have time. Any input would be appreciated. Um so yeah, I’m kind of tired mentally right now because I had a long day and all.

I guess before I sleep I just want to list down some of the anxiety symptoms I’ve had in the past (and still have sometimes!) Since 2016, I’ve had health anxiety over a trigger which made me spiral down. Around 2018-2019, I overcame my anxiety and I actually felt great. Only until 2020, when I’m stuck inside my home due to the pandemic did I start spiraling again. I had nothing to do so I fixated on the small symptoms I had— googled them and then it’s a cycle again. I feel like I’m back in 2016 where it was one of the lowest points in my life.

My anxiety symptoms (these are all normal for me, I thought they were due to something sinister and had encountered more days of anxiety but oh well) that occurred for the past (almost) 5 years:
- headaches: tension like a band around forehead; prickly, tingling ones; pulsing/stabbing pain on various parts of the head (sometimes they switch sides); electric sensation; pins and needles
- face: pins and needles across face; teeth chattering
- nose: phantom smell (cigarette smoke)
- neck/throat: oh dear... globus sensation; feeling like my throat is tight; can’t swallow properly; tense muscle; sore muscle in one spot that i feel when i breathe heavily; prone to a pulled neck muscle; sore throat; increased burping (esp if gassy)
- arms, feet, hands: clammy; sweaty; pins and needles; general pain; involuntary movement of fingers
- chest/back: general pain; hard to breathe/hyperventilating; pain in random areas in the upper part; sometimes i get random “thump” in the heart; increased bpm
- stomach: general pain; acid/silent reflux; nausea; sharp pain (esp if gassy); increased flatulence; constipation; lbm
- buttocks: tingling/pins and needles anyone? I know I’m not the only one lol
- thighs/legs: restlessness; pins and needles; tingling
- always googling other symptoms -> looking at sinister diseases -> panicking over thinking I have the disease -> depression and anxiety
- plenty of stress; foggy brain/can’t think well; breakdowns; can’t move/frozen/immobilized; gestures I do repeatedly like tug on my hair, pick on my skin, clench my teeth

I’m pretty sure I can list more if not for the exhaustion I have at the moment. But yeah, as an anxiety sufferer for years, this list is just... something that makes me sad, because I’m not in complete control of it. Although I guess the good part is that I can recognize which are physical manifestations of my anxiety so I don’t have to be that worked up each time they present again. If you have the same symptoms as me and are currently worrying about a stupid disease right now, ya kno, we tend to think of the worst here... please be assured that you’re probably okay and it’s just your fight of flight reflex kicking in.

Anxiety isn’t good nor bad. Sometimes it helps us from a situation, sometimes it hinders us from living the life we want. But what’s important probably is that we should know how to take care of ourselves and our anxieties in life. I’m still struggling with this but I’m trying to be okay and I hope you too can be okay.
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Very nice post I surfer from it myself.
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