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Ok well first off ive tried Paxil Celexa and Prozac and i wasnt able to use them for more than 2 days. As of right now im still on xanax its been almost 4 months but im not really gettin better. My questin is ive been having head sensations in the back of my head and eye strains along with lightheadness. All these symptoms are constant and daily now. What i want to know is this due to xanax or anxiety thoughts??? Ive been diagonosed with Panic Disorder and the anti depressents i just couldnt handle the side effefts that start immedietly..
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It sounds like you may have a little depression going on along with anxiety. Yes, those can be anxiety symptoms. There is such a long list of them. I can't tell you what to do, but you might want to think about a longer acting anti anxiety med. Xanax is great for panic attacks. It can be addicting and it does'nt stay in your system very long. When you start an antidepressant it can take a few days to a few weeks to get over those terrible side effects. Some people have very few side effects and other people have severe ones. How often are you taking the Xanax?
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well from the symptoms you list--it definitely sounds like anxiety--since you have been diagnosed with the disorder it means all other possibilities have been ruled out.  Remember Xanax is supposed to be an interim short term solution until the anti-depressants kick in and begin to work as Remar stated.  These drugs do come with some serious side effects that eventually go away.  But everyone is different.

Unfortunately with this disorder I know first hand all these new sensations--lightheadedness, tightness at the back of the head are scary and you fail to believe that it could be anxiety.  that is how it manifests.  What anti depressant are you on now?  Xanax is only short term--have you spoke to your primary physician about this?

I found until I had accepted that all these symptoms are part and parcel of my disorder I was going around in circles trying to figure this thing out. I was in total disbelief that all these new things were only symptoms of anxiety.

Keep us posted.  But find something that works for you.  Some people respond differently to certain drugs.
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I take the Xanax twice a day   .5 mg usually around noon and before bed. It's not doing as much as it use to. Im really worn out from all these symptoms but Im not going to give up. Im new to this so i really don't know how to talk to my physician about this. There quick to give me Xanax because i tell them it's the only thing that calms me down.
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Have you tried a therapist?  Sometimes GPs quickly give you Xanax and no one stops to explain to you what is going on.  
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Yes i have and no i have not tried a theorpist. I have a GP and a Phych and they just give me meds to try out and im not having success been struggling since January. I have good and bad days been to the emergency room like 4 times as well with same results. Anxeity ugh im tired.
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