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My Search for an anxiety solution. Please help.

Hi im matt, and im 17. Ive had anxiety for about half a year now and i really want to find a way to get rid of it for good. It started last year when my mom picked me up from drivers ed, i got into the car and as we started to head home i noticed i needed to take deeper breathes. The feeling was new to me and i was freightend  of the situation. When we were eating i had a hard time concentrating since i was still breathing harder and i started to feel light headed. It was if i was about to faint. My parents then rushed me to the E.R. and i almost passed out while waiting to be taken in. The doctors did an EKG and a blood test on me, everything checked out normal except for an irregular heart beat. When i went to a cardiologist the doctor told me my irregular heart beat was normal for me because i have a slight caved-in chest, so that was normal for me. After the E.R incident i didn't have a panic attack or anything for about 3-4 months, i was normal. Then one day i was eating out with my parents and i noticed the symptoms i had when i had my first attack, i was breathing harder and feeling light headed. I tried not to panic by breathing through my nose but it was so hard to calm myself i started hyperventilating when we got home. My dad then gave me a paper bag to blow in then i started little by little to get better. I started to become scared for my safety by thinking when is the next one going to happen so my fear led to my "want" to see a phycologist. Ive seen the phycologist atleast 4 times and each time i really got helpful tips to cope with my anxiety. For some odd reason my anxiety will stay with me for about a week then leave and i feel normal for a week, then it will start up again, then leave. When i do have a panic attack because of anxiety i don't hyperventilate anymore but now its always a pain in my chest area and a fast heart beat. Sometimes it get so scary i feel like im about to die or something. It's so weird to me since im only 17 and i haven't really enjoyed my summer so far because to this day im still experiencing anxiety. In my life i haven't taken any medication for anything since ive always been very healthy and fit. I just don't know if i should get meds to help me or not. I am kinda hesitant on taking meds though because i hear they can sometimes do more harm than good, so right now i am very confused on what i should do. I kinda don't want to resort to meds but if i keep having these symptoms i don't know if i should consider it. I really don't want to keep feeling the symptoms of anxiety because they are so frieghtening and uncomfortable especially when i get a fast heart rate and pain in my heart area. I want to be able to feel normal everyday like i used to and enjoy my life to the fullest, but with anxiety its a challenge everyday almost. I am drinking goji juice now to see if that will help me with my anxiety, so far i think its helping. Please, for anyone who has helpful info or answers to my problem feel free to comment.
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The symptoms you describe sound more of a panic disorder than generalized anxiety. In order to make an accurate assessment you need to see a mental health provider who can determine an appropriate course of action, which may include medication and/or counseling.
Although you may be adverse to taking medications, they can be quite helpful in treating your symptoms.
Avoiding alcohol and illicit drugs is important, as much as having a proper diet, exercise and proper sleep is.
I'd recommend you see a mental health provider as soon as possible, but don't expect miracles.  Sometimes change takes time.Have patience.
I've been dealing with various mental health issues for over 6 years and alcohol abuse prior to that and it took me a number of years to find the right combination of medications to control my bipolar disorder, SAD, panic attacks and PTSD.
Regardless of what you choose to do, I wish you a successful outcome.

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Anxiety and panic can definitely cause a lot problems.  First of all, let me commend you for working through this by seeing a psychologist and confronting this problem.  In my opinion, this is the best thing you can do.  In my opinion, you will get better but remember that a 'cure' does not happen overnight.  'Symptoms' will occur throughout this process for a viarity of reasons.  Please keep us posted!
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lately i have been having not a pain but a tingling sensation and kinda weightiness in the back of my head, i dont know how it happened but lately i too have been drinking goji juice to kinda help me be healthier mentally, i dont know if that could be the start of it. Before drinking the juice i never had that problem.
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hi matt
i'm 37yr old female i've had anxiety and panik attacks for over ten years.
and i just wanna say to you that i really know exactlly where your coming from and i feel for you your young and you just wanna be out there doing your thing and this is holding you back. the fear is so bad sometimes it just really frustrates you.
i can't really give you any medical advice because i'm not a doctor and i would'nt wanna mislead you but i will say this.
when i first started having anxiety i had alot of head problems like what you are feeling.
i litterally had a migrane for about 4 months i got 2 m.r.i. done on my head i was just so sure there was something wrong with me but they could'nt find anything! i was so pist off cause i thought for sure i was gonna die and it was gonna all be the doctors fault because they were doing there job wrong.
but you know what sweety i was doing it to myself i was stressing so much over all these symptoms that i had brought on myself!
i dont take medication not even a asprin to releive a headache cause i'm such a hypochondriac that i always seem to make myself think that i'm having side effects lol hahahaha but i went to my doctor u know probablly for the 4th or 5th time that week lol hahaha and he made me take a 800 motrin right in front of him and he said since u think your gonna die from that motrin i'm gonna sit here with you. hahaha lol he was real cool i think i was driving him nuts but my point in all this is that maybe trying some paxil or something low dose of course might not be such a bad idea for you.
your young and you deserve to be out there having fun and theres alot of medications out there that are non addictive and can be very helpfull. to be honest with you i still to this day don't take any meds but if i was 17 i be damned if i would let anxiety take over my life. anxiety and panic is very powerful it can and will take over your life if you let it but i will say this to you if you have had all the common tests ran on yourself and they all came back negative then do something now to control this cause if you dont it will ruin your future this is pretty much a big head game that your playing on yourself thats what anxiety is.
but it can seem so real at times and i have had the rapid heartbeat and the chest pains
i must have known everyone by there first name at the e.r. hahahahaha lol and believe me sweety more weird symptoms will come and you will think something else is wrong with you.
so just try to do the best you can and look into some meds and if you don't wanna take em then don't but make sure you keep in touch with all of us here cause there are people here like myself that don't take any meds.
but i'm speaking for myself and i will tell you it aint easy dealing with this everyday without anything to help you but as time goes by you learn to live with it or find ways to deal with it. but like i said your young and you should be out there having fun.
if you have any questions or need to talk just stay here with us we will help you as much as we can. best thing for you to do is read peoples post you will find out how many people have the same symptoms as yourself and feel the same way you feel so believe me your not alone. this site can help you ease your minde but you have to be strong and not let your minde play games and believe me that is so hard to do. but we are here for you please keep in touch i would like to see your situation get better and see your progress. try not to worry so much hope to hear from you again bye      
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Dude im 18 I have anxiety its soo dumb
but yeah man when you get attacks best thing i find
is drink lotsa water and play some video games and stay seated
and dont focus on it and dont take meds because they dont help
just kinda go with the flow
breath play some vidz dont focus on it engage in a conversation
or something
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hey i am 8 na dhave had anxitey and panic attcks for the last 10 months!!

they are the worst thing ever its so physical and uncomfortable!!

i was given beatablokcers toslow down my heart rate but did not take them as the side effects looked so bad!!

i am now have CBT thaerpy and is doing me alot of good!!

you should try it!!

keep a diary of how u feel and start to read a book or get a hobbie something else for you to focus on!!

hope all goes well lauraxx
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