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My Story, Anxiety/depression....

Hello all,  I'm 25 years old, play poker for a living and have a girlfriend.  What can possibly be wrong with me?

About 3 weeks ago i was in vegas with a friend when i couldn't fall asleep for the life of me.  The more i thought about it the worse it got and the more questions i asked myself.  My heart was pounding, my thoughts were racing, my hands were tingling.  I went downstairs to buy some sleeping pills and a banana (which i couldn't eat) and call my girlfriend.  After that night i kinda felt "weird" all day the next day and couldn't really eat much.  The day after that i felt pretty much completely back to normal.

Since then i've kinda of self diagnosed myself with anxiety/depression from what i've read online. fast forward to last night.

I was eating sushi with my girlfriend and her friend that is visiting and i just kind of got dizzy all of a sudden.  I stood up, went to the bathroom and washed my face.  I can't believe this is happening again.

Since last night my head has felt kind of "fuzzy" and both of my forearms have been a little weak or tingling.  I barely have an appetite today too.  I feel better now just typing this and finding this forum but still feel a little disconnected from myself.  

Currently i'm in the process of applying for health insurance and hopefully i can tackle this with everyone's help.  I don't really know specifically what i'm trying to ask as i have so many thoughts mostly on the very negative side of the spectrum.  I guess just any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully this was bearable to read and thank you to all in advance.  I'm going for a walk now as this makes me feel better.
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Hi I would go to the doctor once you get the insurance.  Sounds like anxiety but it could also be health related.  Vitamin deficincy or thyroid.  Get it checked and the doc should be able to steer you in the right way.  Keep looking forward and try to have good thoughts.  Keep talking to your girlfriend.  Walking or exercising like you are doing is always good.  Good luck
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well I would say, get a check up, even if you don't have insurance, find a free clinic, it does sound alot like Anxiety, especially since you said when you started typing in this forum you felt a little better, first this has nothing to do with the events per say, that happened when you felt "off", since you said you felt better while writing, I would suggest you , use the journal here on this forum or just get a notebook  or just some paper and write down, what is going on in your head, JUST START WRITING, "anything" allow yourself to be by yourself and just write for alittle while and see where it goes, the goal is to see what's troubling you and then to work on it, I have open journals here in this forum myself, I am sure you can do it on computer and make them private if you like, good luck and post as much as you feel comfortable doing.
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Yup, exactly what I was posting about earlier. Get your thyroid tested... This could all be connected!!!

Let us know the results and stuff. Its worth it cause you might have more symptoms id its the thyroid.

Some are:

If you have fatigue, weight gain, low motivation and ambition, heat and/or cold intolerance, headaches and migraines, dry skin and hair, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, hair loss, fluid retention, depression, decreased memory and concentration, unhealthy nails, brittle nails, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, low sex drive, insomnia, hives, asthma, allergies, slow healing, acne, or carpal
tunnel syndrome, you may have a thyroid disorder.

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