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My Therapist Has Confused Me???

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling good today.

I had my very first visit with my therapist yesterday. Yeah Me : )

I told her that I had started taking meds and after the 4th day I started experiencing paranoia. So I stopped taking them. She said, good that probably means that I didn't need the medication in the first place.

So now I'm confused. Has anyone else experienced paranoia after taking medication? If so, did your doctor just take you off the medication and put you on another one?

I'm so confused. Is she saying that I don't need meds at all or is she saying that I have something different from anxiety and that's why I had the symptom of paranoia?

I know I should've asked this then but I was having a panic attack and couldn't concentrate and kind of blanked out at that moment.

So I'm confused now to say the least. Do meds cause paranoia or is there something else going on....

Just wondering in case someone else has had the same situation as me.

Thanks guys,

So sorry for all the questions.
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I hate to say this but I am happy to know I am not alone. Here I am thinking that I was the only one that experienced paranoia after taking meds. Thanks so much for commenting : )

I have a follow up appt. this Friday with the dr and another appt. scheduled with my therapist this Sat.. So I think I am going to have my doct prescribe me something to take the edge off when needed.

Thanks so much again : )
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I had this experience; I stopped taking the med immediately and my doc said that was the right thing to do. But I was on other meds, as needed, for anxiety so I just used those for a long time. Maybe you need an as-needed antianxiety med? I would call the doc's office and ask; tell your therapist that u were having a panic attack asa she spoke and that is why you didn't ask then...Good luck and God bless!
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