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My anxiety is slowly killing me. Are my prescriptions causing this?

Last may we had a house fire and at the time i was on 8 tramadol a day for the last 10 years im 31. Since than ive been perscribed 30 mg aderall twice a day and 4 2mg xanex. The dosages where slowly raised this started in june i went through some trauma at work i cant talk about for legal reasons but since august ive dropped 100 lbs (most of that by oct) i have panic attacks in my sleep and have broken 4 teeth until i realized get a mouth guard haha.to give some insight as why he prescribes me so much is im 6 4 and was 290 now 190 so I had a high tolerance. Everyday i wake up in full panic attack mode and cry because its like the last year just floods back. Also id ask my dr but i got laid off and have no i insurance and when i ask advice from the suicide hotline they say it sounds like hes writing a tesis on you and hes told me he wants to study me more everytime i see him. I also a smoker both kinds which doc said was cool and i smoke a pack a day roughly. I meep seeking help in my city and asking friends for help  but im so lost and unsure what to do but im desperate to function. What i do have if this helps and was before the fire adhd chronic pain and anxiety after the fire cptsd i see smoke. I almost passed away trying to save out cats and was unsuccessful. Just any help is appreciated
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I'm not an expert on these drugs you're taking, but I do know you can't just stop them; you need to wean off them properly or you can have bad withdrawal symptoms.  

I can't imagine why your doctor is telling you he wants to "study" you some more... that doesn't make sense.  He needs to be treating you, not studying you, if he's not psychiatrist.  

I agree with Paxiled that  giving you uppers and downers at the same time is most likely causing a lot of your trouble.  

It's quite likely that you can't stay in bed because Adderall is a stimulant and how many people sleep when they're overly stimulated?  

That said - I don't know where you live, but most counties (in the U.S.) have a County Health Department.  You should go there and see what kind of help can be obtained, since you aren't working.  Even if you're on unemployment, most health departments charge on a sliding scale, so they wouldn't say you make too much money, at this point.   You might also get help from with counseling for PTSD and anxiety from some churches and there are counseling organizations that may do counseling for free or on a sliding scale (depending on income), but you need to be working with someone familiar with weaning off drugs, not this doctor who seems intent upon piling on more.
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Ty so much everyone for all the info! Since writing this ive stopped taking my adderal np I have a strong will and it really wasent helping to began with. Even before the adderal id sleep 6 hrs every 2 days I always felt i was addictrd to thought and my gears never stop hence the fast talking. On the other hand id say 2 months ago I tried detoxing from the xanex and it was unlike any hell ive experienced and in my youth i had problems with opioids hence the tramadol. I made it to 5 days and was alone and ended up having a seizure numb face hands and feet as well. so I was like i guess i have no choice but to take em for now. I really appreciate all the info and time yall took writing back. I have been able to find some great leads in the city and will start working on that tomorrow. I live in san antonio tx and you would think a large city would have resources just have to find them. Over the weekend feel like i had a great turning point i dident wake up crying today and dream with the same song on repeat ( yeah its weird started like 2 months ago) but i know I'm not out of the woods and for me knowing the exact mental issue would be half the battle. I bottled it up for 31 yrs and it came crashing down and im chosing not to ignore it anymore. I know im going on and on so ty for taking the time to read this!
This is all good but please, these meds must be tapered off of slowly, as you learned with the Xanax -- you do it as slowly as you need to, not some preset schedule.  We're all different.  But here you are again, going cold turkey off the Adderall.  It has nothing to do with will, it has to do with physiology -- some of us can do this, but most will have problems.  In the future, try to do what's best for yourself, okay?
Again, I agree with Paxiled - this has nothing to with will-power.  Please get the proper help getting off these medications as you need to wean off them properly.

I'm glad to hear you've found some resources to follow up that might help you.  It's also good that you realize you're not out of the woods yet.  You'll need support, both, physically and mentally to handle all of this.  

As you're seen, bottled up emotions eventually catches up with us..  I'm glad you aren't ignoring it any longer and are actively seeking the help you need.  We aren't professionals, but we're here for you to talk to if you need someone to lend an ear.

Please keep us posted on your progress.
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Are you working with a psychiatrist?  That is really important with all you have going on.  Are you on Medicaid (in the US?)  
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I'm not on Medicaid but i brought it up to my other half yesterday it could be a possibility to get. I am not but im fighting to get one ive been calling around alot of styff is inpatient and im acared of being held. Ive never really tried to get help and thats what caused all this mess and now im trying  to get it together. I did try a group therapy i was able to find but not much help the person leading it worh nami was like holy crap you have been through some stuff in the last year. Ty for responding
TY so much for ur info again it seems i get to much unemployment in my state to qualify.
Charles, once you exhaust your unemployment, then  apply for Disability.  You certainly qualify.  Also, I would wean off the Adderall if I were you.  
Yes, meant to say that, don't quit abruptly.  It needs to be stopped as slowly as you need to, and again, usually, specialists who prescribe the drug the most should also be the best at helping you do this, though again, no guarantee.  
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There are gov't programs for people who are unemployed.  There are gov't programs for people who can't work.  There are gov't programs for people who can't afford health insurance.  You're on a lot of medication, and in my opinion, it has nothing to do with your size, it's most likely because you're on meds that don't work for you.  If they were working better, you wouldn't need so much.  Now, you're talking about anxiety, but you're being treated for severe depression or else you suffer from ADHD.  Adderall isn't given to anxiety sufferers, but it is sometimes given to severely depressed people and to people who suffer from ADHD.  It's speed, pure speed.  Obviously anxiety sufferers don't do well on speed.  People without anxiety can get it from taking speed.  What you need is a social worker, it sounds like, who can help you get the benefits you need so you can afford proper health care.  You need a different psychiatrist at least for a second opinion.  Any doc who tells you smoking is fine isn't a doctor.  Smoking pot can cause anxiety attacks for some people, for others it can be helpful, but in combination with the amount of other drugs you're taking, who knows what the cumulative effect is?  Look, you're on uppers and downers at the same time.  No one here knows why.  Do you know why?  
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Well i dint have a psychiatrist yet this is all from my MD me and my parents have aeen since i can remember. Ty for the response and how does one go about getting a social worker?  I will google and look into this ty for giving me a new lead
The reason for uppers and downers he seems to think im reverse manic where i dont stay in bed i bounce off the walls and talk super fast which the adderall couldn't slow down. Im pretty much just going to stop taking em and the xanex was goven to me after due to judt my syptoms after the fire. Idk if that goves any insight
Look, general docs are nice people, but their role in our medical system has changed a lot from when I was a kid.  Then, there weren't as many specialists and general docs had fewer patients.  Now they are ridiculously busy and have to do a little bit of everything, which means they don't do a lot of very much, especially study about mental illness or the meds used to treat it.  If you truly want a reliable diagnosis of mental illness, the best trained folks are psychologists.  They don't dispense meds, but they study the most psychology of any other profession.  You sound like you might have ADHD, but again, probably something a general doc isn't the best at diagnosing as it has to be separated out from the other things you're complaining about.  I'm not sure, someone else on here would be, if that would be a psychologist, neurologist, or psychiatrist, but it's not a general doc.  Please, see a professional who specializes in what you're going through, not because they're guaranteed to be great at anything but you do have a better chance because it's all they do.  In our current system, as it has evolved, general docs are the triage folks, they determine what you probably are facing and then send you to a specialist if it's complicated, and you have complicated problems.  To find a social worker, contact your local gov't or if there's a university near you with a social work degree, ask them.  All the best.
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