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My anxiety story

Hello everyone i will try to tell you story of my anxiety :) I'm 18 years old and my first panic attack happened 7 months ago,it was the point when whole world changed for me and also me.i got persistent fears of death,from religious person i went into atheism,i could not go outside my house while my friends were enjoying their adulthood and it still continues.the most difficult is shortness of breath 24/7 and heart rate.i wanted to ask a question is there any hope? to defeat anxiety and panic disorder can it be cured are there any succeed stories,because i already lost my hope.....
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There are success stories and failures, it depends on the person.  The only cure now known is therapy with someone who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, such as CBT.  Medication can help the symptoms, but can't cure the problem but if nothing else cures it medication is sometimes the best we can do.  There are also natural ways to attempt to treat it, with plant remedies and amino acids and relaxation techniques.  You should also, if you haven't done this already, see a doctor to eliminate all possible physiological causes of the problem, such as thyroid problems, other hormonal imbalances, blood sugar problems, etc.  Good luck.
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when my panic attacks started iv done all test sugar,thyroid,heart,lung,mri of head,only thing was that before panic disorder i had 103 blood sugar when normal is 100 but the day before test iv eaten a lot of chocolate and other things also iv done glucose test before and after eating and everything was ok,my blood sugar when i eat is about 113 not more than 130 always and only perks who has type 2 diabetes is my grandfather
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