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My brains has these fast motion periods where everything around me is going in fast motion what is it?

I'm 14 years old and I have these periods where my brain starts to race and it feels like everything is going in fast motion. When I talk, somebody is talking, music is playing or when I walk it feels like everything is going in fast motion like everything is being extremely rushed.It happens at least once every 2 weeks but i've had it twice this week . This only happened to me about 2 times in the past year but also I get these patterns of noises in my head when I'm lying in bed and it keeps me from sleeping.I just wanted to know what it was because I honestly am scared and my mother laughs at me when i try to tell her that something is wrong and it frustrates me
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This happened to me as a kid when I would run a fever but then started randomly happening like if I was in school and stressing/thinking a lot and just sitting still I'd feel like I was crazy and I tried to explain it to my parents and siblings and they would think it was silly. The last time it happened to be was when I had the flu at 18. I'm now 27 and a mother of two and my daughter has this happen to her. It's pretty scary and her dad doesn't understand but I totally do and I just talk her through it and it helps her. If you never had it happen honestly you have no idea how it truly feels! I just want to know what it means and why it happens...
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This is actually to everyone...I have had these sensations since I was a child.  Now, I have teenagers and when they were about 7 and 9 years old they both came to me and asked me if I went fast.  I knew exactly what they meant and smiled, and said Yes.  My husband had no clue what this was about.  
I have alsways been open to spiritual matters.  My son, not long after admitted to being able to see colors (auras).  I am vibration and frequency sensitive.  My daughter is too.  We have since embraced this gift, mediatate through it, journaled through it and find that it is an intense connection that should not be ignored.  Don't be afraid.  
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I relate with all the posts on this board.

You are here reading this post because likely you are feeling scared, confused and a little (or a lot helpless). First relax, as much as possible, if you are experiencing this as you read. IT WILL GO AWAY hopefully in a few minutes. keep that in mind and it should make you feel a little better.
For me, I have found laying down (if possible) and closing my eyes and trying to breath normally helps to make it go away.

My symptoms are:
- have had this since I was very young, went away for few years and comes back randomly.
- Things are moving faster than normal
- objects are almost distorted in size, when my eyes are closed its almost like my surroundings are getting really large (that's as accurate as I can describe it)
- I can usually hear my heart beat loudly
- my arms and  some other body parts are sensitive and tingle
- I often get this when I have a fever or body or mind is under stress

Stay strong, don't despair, you will feel better. Go see a doctor if it keeps happening often, they may have more answers. if the first one doesn't help go to another more competent one. Tell your loved ones so they can help you through it.

Take care

: )
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ive had this happenen to in the last 2weeks feeling lasted for bout 10mins everything was goin really fast also another time i had the feeling my bedroom was huge like a big hall very strange aint been right since really starting to worry me and the feeling of not being real in dream world any one else had this been for a blood test and wanting for a mri
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I am glad I finally found a forum that had people describing the same symptoms as I have. Mine started when I was about 7 years old when I was running a fever. My mother, who is a nurse, said it was the result of the fever. However, it kept happening and still happens. I'm 29 now. Mine feel like I am shrinking, I have a loud buzzing in my ears, my limbs feel foreign, my eyesight gets a little blurry and I see bright lights. I notice they happen when I get migraines. I am a chronic migraine sufferer, so mine happen about once every two weeks. I did some research and the best answer I could come up with was Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), or Temporal Lobe Seizures. Research both people, then go talk to your doctor about medication, there is help out there for us all!
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I'm 15 and i get these every day. I always thought I had anxiety and even my doctor said it was panic attacks, but i knew it wasn't because I always seemed OK, it was just a moving fast feeling. I put it down to stress, but I don't know if everyone's symptoms are because of stress, or if it's just mine. I try to calm myself down but my hands shake and i feel like I've drank about 20 energy drinks. My parents told me it was nothing to worry about, and my brother laughed and said I was crazy. It ***** that i had to come onto here to find some answers, in stead of relying on the people i thought i trusted the most. I asked my mum a simple question yesterday, and i was completely unstressed, and it happened then. I don't know if anyone can relate to this or not though.
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