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My cardiphopia

Hi all I suffer from very bad anxiety and for the last 6 months iv been getting chest pain arm pain jaw pain all the symptoms of a heartattack now iv been to the ER on 5 or 6 different occasions had bloods ekgs chest xrays evan had a a 24hr holter fitted all same back fine doc put me on sertraline for my anxiety but I just cant get out of my own head that there missing something like how can I have all these symptoms and nothing be wrong with me please help any advice would be greatly appreciated
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First of all, using the ER for your doctor isn't going to cut it.  They are there for emergencies only, and so they basically triage you and then release you, assuming you will go to your regular doc for a more thorough exam or sent to a specialist for more thorough exam.  It's certainly possible something physiological is going on, the only way to find out is to get really thorough exam that would cover as many bases as possible, not just heart problems, which you apparently don't have.  But given you do suffer from bad anxiety, it can cause these kinds of symptoms.  Did you consider therapy or was it recommended before you were put on medication?  As for your symptoms, again, you can have anxiety and still have a physiological problem that is separate from it or causing it.  Examples are thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, nutrient deficiencies, etc.  A lot of times doctors are quick to attribute problems to anxiety and give you a drug because it's a lot easier than having to explore all the possible things that can go wrong that might cause anxiety or the other problems you might have.  Docs often just assume if you have anxiety that's the cause of all your problems.  Which it very well might be.  I hope the sertraline helps, but because taking any medication is an intrusive modality with possible problems, I'm always surprised when a person is able to live their lives but isn't given the option of therapy first to see if that works, because if it does, you don't need medication and you'll be cured, which medication can't do.  But it does take time and it doesn't often work that great, so there is a cost of it taking more time.  Peace.
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Hi thanks for your comment and yea iv been to my own doctor's on numerous occasions aswell about the same ting she has done bloods that check some of the stuff you've mentioned and all hav came back fine I'm due to start therapy soon but I just cant get out of my own head that I'm the 1 percent that there is something wrong the palpitations I get 3 or 4 a day now my pain in the chest area and arm and jaw never go above maybe a 2 on the pain scale I keep thinking its c.a.d or a pulmonary embolism or my arteries are narrowing and this pain is a sign of it I keep taking solpidiene to take away this pain now I run to it every time I get a twinge it's just becoming a vicious cycle
I'm not sure I'd want to be taking that drug for too long -- it has codeine in it, as well as caffeine and other drugs, and if you take enough of it you could end up addicted to it.  I'm guessing you're in the UK, you can't get that drug otc in the US.  You'd probably get as much relief from meditation and stretching that area.  You never know, you might have tweaked it.  If the pain is only a 2 on the scale, well, I live with a constant pain much higher than that so I'm guessing you take this because the drugs in it help your anxiety some.  Assuming, of course, anxiety is actually the cause.  I also wouldn't want to mix that sedating drug with an ssri like sertraline, which can also be sedating.  It sounds like that drug is for migraines, as caffeine helps with that, but if you truly had a heart problem you surely wouldn't be taking a drug with caffeine in it.  Anyway, whatever you do, I hope it works out.  Peace.
Yes your right tanks for the advice it's been a long 6 months of these symptoms and I'm still no closer to an answer I just dont know were to go from here to be honest .... ps I'm from Ireland
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