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My fears...

I fear death the most and there's so many ways that a person could die. We're living in a harsh and dangerous era with violence, wars, disasters, and deadly diseases threatening our lives. So getting anxious about them is now part of my daily routine. Why not, with viruses like these?

Hope anxiety will not kill me before they do!
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Life is more secure now than at any time in history.  We're just better now at figuring out what's making us ill, and there's more noise about it.
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Aamore, don't worry about these viruses. You should read some jokes daily and share them on whatsapp with your friends. Watch comedy movies, have a girl friend and enjoy your life. These virus can't do nothing. Just do your own thing and they will stay away.
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Not sure if you are spiritual or a man of faith but there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOD cannot do! Trust in HIM :o)
God can do anything He wants and you are 100% right. However He makes a decision to not interfere many things. He can save a child from getting Aids or getting run over but He chooses not to and the kid get's killed one way or another. He promises that the other side is amazing, nothing we can even compare to, not to worry that ALL will be good once we get to the other side but we have to get there through death. Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died of drug overdoses and millions have died around the world in painful ways. Falling on their motorcycles and having a few cars or trucks run them over for good measure, while some got raped, shot and burned. While I am typing this to you, a little boy or girl is dying from fighting a horrible disease at hospitals all around the country and the world for that matter. I don't care if it's cancer or whatever it may be, it is killing them. So they are suffering and many people are worried about dying and it's not even happening. I smoked marijuana when I was 19 and my heart started to pound so fast I could see my heart hit my chest. It was 184 to 220bpm. I did not die. The ambulance guy was really nice and said, "what did you do? OK if I give you something to stop your heart from going this fast will you promise me to never smoke weed again?" I was like are you kidding me? I will never smoke weed ever again. Here I am 45 years old and haven't touch that crap for the last 26 years. But guess what? I now because of that experience know the feeling of what it's like to die. They said it was Cortisol and Adrenaline along with fear of fear and that it needed to leave my system which could take a couple of hours before I am myself. I never, ever even thought about death or sat there and questioned the process of life, how we got here, where do we go from here. My awareness of death, the hereafter has all but changed since that day. Panic and anxiety attacks are horrific and when I have them and my heart goes super fast and they check me out in the ER and tell me to go home after 3 hours or so it pisses me off. One day I was watching Jay Leno on the Tonight Show and he was doing his monologue and he said something really funny and I started laughing and laughing. All of a sudden out of nowhere it hit me like a heart attack. My heart took off so fast it was unreal. You could of held a gun to my head and I would have had less fear. My heart I thought was going to STOP any second. I have learned that life is so precious. But see a coward ( me ) dies a thousand times, a brave man just once. When I dial 911 and they take my BP and do a 12 Lead EKG they are like well that's rather high. Let's get you to the hospital and have you checked out to make sure you are okay. I don't sit there and say, "Nah, it's all good this has happened so many times, I think I'll drink a Sprite or have some water and this should pass in a few minutes." I am so in the moment and my mind is so scared that I am going to leave this world, where everything I learned is going out the door, the love I have built for my family, for all the things around me, all that I know and have learned are about to be taken away from me and I am about to go somewhere I don't know. I am about to maybe meet God. Am I going to breathe?? What happens if I am really safe in the hands of God and my family is looking at my body and they are crying and crying and there is not ONE THING I can do to help them to calm down or give them a hug not in that moment or a week after I die. When you think you are going to really die, crazy thoughts run through the mind. Perhaps I am up to 99% wrong and that is not how life works. All I know is that we are hard wired for survival and my body and mind is doing everything in it's power to keep me alive and yes I am living in reaction which is not a good thing. I know after what.....10,000 panic attacks in 25 plus years I haven't died once, they never brought me back, I haven't had one close call due to a fast heart rate or chest pains or because I thought I was crawling out of my skin/losing my mind. Nothing came of it ever. People like me or us HATE not being in control. I know people who have this fear of passing out and I don't blame them, that must suck to no end. Not every person has anxiety at the highest level. Not everyone fears death. Not everyone is afraid of open spaces or flying for 2 to 16 hours on an airplane. Like I don't have a fear of fire or smoke and I spent a better 14 hours back in the day putting out fires and helping the Oakland Fire and Police Dept. with the Oakland Hill Fires in the 90's. People were running away from the fire and smoke, cars on fire some even exploding and all I could think about was who can I help?? The focus was off of me and on others. I have learned that anxiety really knows how to play tricks on our minds. It sets doubt, fear and we believe that we don't have the ability to overcome what we are being faced with. But in the end, if we faced our fears....Eventually it goes away. If we see it for what it really is then and only then do we get back our sense of freedom. If a panic or harsh anxiety attack comes out of the blue, we know in the back of our minds that this is only temporary and that this episode too shall pass and one day you will look back and go, "man that was tough and I never thought I was going to make it or I thought it was never going to end"  BUT it ALWAYS passes and the best news about it, we don't have a choice. Adrenaline does come, fears comes right along with it, bad thoughts come, doubt is right there with those bad thoughts, fear is wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds but yet we always manage to pull through. I have had a really amazing ER Doctor tell me this.....Listen, I know you are freaking out right now and see how fast your heart rate is going, it is because you "Believe" something is wrong with you. We did an EKG, blood tests and this test and that test and if you really were dying I wouldn't let you sit up and drink water, you would be in the OR and we would be opening your chest open to save your life. You are just fine and I have seen so many people of all ages thinking they are dying or dying from a heart attack and they really are not. The highest heart rate I have seen is between 300 and 400 and they were having what we call A-Fib and they were old and they didn't die. So just think about that for a moment and let that sink in she said. She really put me at ease. Did God send her with that message?? I don't know. I can always assume and give God the credit for putting her in my path that day in the Emergency Room and having her as my attending physician. I love God very much and we all have our weaknesses no matter how tough we may look on the outside. God in my opinion is our Creator and has the final say so. I don't know why He does what he does and neither does anyone else. How come He doesn't come down here and or send someone to take care of business not that life has changed since Moses, Muhammed and Jesus stopped by. I LOVE Our Creator so much!! I wish that he would give me the knowledge or more like the courage to face my fears head on and see them for what they really are. Finally this is for people to write down and use the next time they feel scared and want to run for the door.
1. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
2. Forget Everything And Run
3. Face Everything And Rise


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Don't want to be at all offensive, but God is a very difficult issue for people with mental disorders or any chronic illness.  Obviously, life presents these challenges to the believers and non-believers alike, without discrimination -- nobody leaves this life alive.  But often people will feel as if God has abandoned them when they get sick, so I'd take care about bringing God into this.  This is just my opinion, and you're free to completely disregard it without any offense to me, I just always worry about this issue when people are struggling.  It's a very tough issue, this religion business, when life is so obviously very hard for some and much easier for others and it doesn't seem to matter how nice or moral or religious one is.  Peace.
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Everyone, please don't take the above comment as any slur on religious people.  It's based on my own experience and other members of my family.  My sister was as devout as you can be, but died at age 48 of a blood clot after an adulthood of agoraphobia.  Spirituality is great, it just really doesn't affect the fact that life is going to be difficult at some point for everyone.  That's why I try to leave God out of this forum, and will sometimes respond to the God is everything responders that this advice can make people feel abandoned by God.  That makes this site a particularly dicey place for proselytizing.  Peace to all.
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