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My story.. Curious to know if anyone has had the exact situation almost..

Ok.. so on November 7th 2013 I went into the ER because I was just tired of this feeling I kept getting righg when I would fall asleep. Literally right when my body dozed off, I would jump up to gasp for air. But before I fell asleep I was focusing on my breathing. Anywho that day at the doctors 1st they did EKG and the dr. Came in and said my enrage was a little off. A couple skipped heartbeats. Being only 20 I freaked out thinking Im dying. Well then this lady who was taking my blood and startd talking to me. She told me doctors have to tell you the worst because its there job. But she saidif she was to go have a cup if coffee her ekg would be off.. she made me feel better. Then he came back in my doctor and asked if heart disease runs in my family and I said yes... then he left and said we need to do more tests. After 16hours of hospital they did a CT scan, blood work, heart ultra sound, xray on my lungs and I had a heart monitor on my whole stay. Well ok I wasrealesed and they sajd the cardioligist said I'm healthy and great! 3 days later that night my mind started to overthink.. what if they missed something? What if they were tired? What if they just wanted me out? My mind starting going crazy!!! I experienced my first panic attack that night going in out of my house beggjng my husband to call 911 I had without a doubt I was going to die that night.. today.is March14th 2014 its been 4 months and I'm still alive but not relaxed.. I have suffered anxiety attack after anxiety attack. But I've come a looooooong way! I've gone thru shortness of breath, heart feels like its skipping beats, like its going to slow , going to fast, left arm numbness, hurting body, tears after tears. I'm still fighting. Even though my husband has to STILL remind me if something was wrong they would have told me I still struggle to believe they were righi I'm a healthy 21 year. These attacks I get ONLY AT night suck but with God anythings possible. For these past 2 weeks every night I struggle and every morning I feel dizzy and like I'm floating but its just anxiety and I'm allowing my body to become accostumed to it.. but I'm fighting.. hope someone can truly relate.. I pray for everyone who struggles.... you are not alone !
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You are not alone! I had a very similar situation and I was lucky that when I was in the ER I was given info on Anxiety attacks. I actually haven't met too many people that suffered once laying down in bed like I did. Nice to know there are others! The frustrating part was that I didn't have specific triggers to avoid like some do. My attacks would often hit at night, just trying to relax, but I was always paranoid they could happen anytime in stressful situations. My mornings were awful later. Horrible adrenaline rushes the min I woke up. Are you taking anything for it yet? Natural or not? I hate taking Meds for anything but I was able to help myself through regular cardio exercise and eventually a very light non addictive anxiety med. I could just take it when needed. Even just knowing I had that nearby helped. I didn't even need to take it most of the time! Also, trying running your hands and feet under warm water. It helps calm the nervous system away from flight or fight mode.
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Hi thanks for commenting. I am super against medication if I feel I can fight it. Its a struggle but what can a pill do that my mind can't? Maybe eventually id just be really smart on making sure its not addicting. I've been doing a little yoga here and there.. I want to start doing cardio but I worry cause ever since anxiety has been apart of my life I hate to feel my heart escalade. Blah anxiety is no fun!!
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