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'NOT RIGHT' Feeling... Don't know what to do...

Hey guys!!
Last night I went over to my boyfriend place, he really wanted me to sleep over, and I stayed there till about 5am, (long after he fell asleep) and I just wanted to  leave, the whole time I was in this mode of.. everything being surreal, and just not feeling right...I drove home and the whole time I just felt really odd.. I almost can't explain it.. I was driving home and i was calm, my stomach was calm, my heart was calm, I felt alright, but my head felt weird, like everthing was just "weird" and not "right"... I dont know what it was...
I came home and I went to bed, I woke up today with the same feeling all day.. like evrything is jus weird... what is normal... what is what...
I know this sounds like a bunch of jibberish.. but can anyone give me ANY kind of advice on this...
Have any of you had this feeling.. any ideas on what i should do...??
Anything would help.
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Is there anything stressful going on in your life? Has your sleeping or eating habits been off? I get that wierd feeling in my head as well, kind of detached spacey foggy or something. I describe it as an "off" day when I get it. I tend to link it when something is off in my life. I also noticed I'm  more prone to get it when it's close to that time of the month.

Give it some time and try to do relaxing things and see if it passes. Best wishes!

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Thanks hon!!
I think the fact that Im starting school soon is really bothering me, because I am always scared of having panic attacks in class.....  
I'm glad that you feel this way as well... I just want to lay in bed all day and sulk.. :(  
I just am finishing up on my "time of the month" so..maybe that is it...

Thanks you so much..

Any tips on a good relaxing technique..?
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Yeah I'm getting ready to start another semester. To top it off I am taking a speech class. I have already dropped it twice in the past. It is the only course I have left keeping me from getting an advanced degree...and yet I am SO TERRIFIED of speaking in front of a group that I keep dropping out of it.

I watched "The Secret", a motivational movie about 4 or so months ago. It completely changed my way of thinking. I am a much more positive optimistic person today than I ever was because of that movie. Some things I like to do to relax:

Listen to a calming CD while lying down with my eyes shut
Long shower
Paint my toenails while rockin out to music :)
Go for a drive
Call a friend that I haven't talked to in a while
A nice session in the sack :)
Go for a walk
Read gossip mags

Those are just some things. However I don't think it's  a good idea to distract too far from what is actually bothering you.  In my opinion it's always best to address what is bothering you, come up with ideas on how you can better handle it or make it easier and then do some relaxing things.

Good luck!
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I keep some hard mint candies with me alot it helps sometimes. That wierd feeling I used to get in my panic stages too. Like depersonalization or derealization. Try to look it up. The trick is not to focus on that horrible feeling but to keep busy with things even if you are not in the mood. Dont shut yourself in your house, force yourself. It is just a state of mind. A scary one. It will fade eventually if you dont feed it. Its not easy but it can be done.
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I agree though, if you face your problem that is bothering you it will make things easier on you. I am talking about ignoring the actually feeling out of it and not focusing on that.  ALso, I am always getting that panicky feeling in my time of the month. BIG difference after.
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Hey, I just want to thank everyone for their input. I too had that detatched feeling today, like im here, but not really, and after reading this, i feel a little better and know how to try to handle it. I am really glad that I found this site. Its been so helpful
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Just curious... are you on meds of any kind?  

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that happens to me alot to, i was never quite sure how to explain it.. good job! lol
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just try to keep yourself really busy that may help,
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No i'm not on any meds... Im afraid of them lol
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For about 4 months, I've had this real weird feeling...like my brain has been somewhat seperated from my body. Or, to possibly put it better, like I'm in a dream or something. This is, from what I've learned, a form of anxiety, called detachment. It's real annoying, but can't hurt you. Just try not to think of it, and it will eventually go away...or as in my case, I'll just keep ignoring it enough until it doesn't bother me anymore. lol.
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Hey Talz I am going through exactly what you are going through right now so don't worry you are definitely not alone.

For about two months now I've had this "weird, not right" feeling as you've described. I feel like I've fallen in a dark tunnel and I can't get back up to being normal. Normal being outside the tunnel. It's probably related to anxiety as mine has ocurred ever since I had a panic attack two months ago. I kinda feel depressed, like nothing matters and noone matters anymore. Like, that person over there is just a moving body, they don't actually matter kind of thing.

It's a thing I will eventually get out of but when I'm busy I normally forget about this feeling. And even now when I talk about it, it partially goes away.

Here are my tips.
Smile as much as possible.
Get a good nights sleep.
Eat well.
And the most important thing.. think positive.

I hope you get better soon.
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