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Natural ways to help anxiety

I have a terrible case of anxiety and I'm sick of taking Ativan,klonopin etc.Does anyone know some natural remedies?I have a bad back so yoga is out of the question for the time being,and i"m freshly sober from alcohol for 4 days( I was self medicating)I want to start fresh and get all the chemicals out of my system one at a time.Please any advice will help!
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Valerian is a ''natural benzodiazepine (Ativan, Klonopin, you name it)''. Kava Kava is also useful. Ask Paxiled he could tell you more about natural remedies than me.

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I suggest you also look online for a highly absorbable, high dose, high nutrient, multi-mineral & multi-vitamin, supplement.  Something with many good testimonial reviews.
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