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Need ALOT of Help today

OK, so the other day my obsession of ALS was over after the neurology appt. But for some reason I had it stuck in my head about how people with bad kidneys had problem with the MRI dye. Then I became obsessed with the smell in my nose and once I saw an article about Ammonia smell and kidneys I started obsessing about kidney problems. The FACT is I had blood work 3 years ago and my kidneys were great. I have no kidney problems in my family history. No diabetes or family problems with it. My blood pressure has been low for the last 7 years because of the medicine I'm taking for the fluke heart virus I had..including the ace inhibitors used to help people with diabetes. I have only had high bp since this stress started a few months back and it was off and on. So here I am today wondering if my ankles are swollen and convinced they look that way...even though they have looked that way for years after wearing dress socks and shoes. I read symptoms and am convinced my dry mouth..though I'm taking NuLev, which causes it for my stomach problem(caused by all the stress)...all of a sudden is a iron taste. All the things stress did to me I have turned into...maybe it was my kidneys all along. This is ridiculous. Help me realize I'm freaking
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yes you are why do you do that to your self, stop thinking you have something wrong with you , your fine , if you would had kidney problems the dr would know that. stop reading your only making your life worse. have fun live life your ok. my bp gets high because am anxiety to so calm down be happy your in good health and enjoy life its to short to be sick when your not. one day you will have problems so dont rush it . enjoy now . try and relax its ok .
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Thanks I know. My heart docs did full blood tests today just as the yearly checkup and because I might, for real, have high cholesterol. I mean I told myself after the brain tumor..to MS stuff I wouldn't do it again. My family and wife were glad for it to be done and here I am jumping right back on another group of random symptoms. Even my neuro said you could find any disease with random symptoms like fatigue, can't eat, etc, etc.
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I'm getting better but I just have to stay away from the boards with symptoms and all the other crud.
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Do you know whether you are suffering from?  Is it pure anxiety or hypochondria?

I suffer from hypochondria and OCD.  What you are describing sounds A LOT like what I do.  Last December, I read a bunch of articles on the Net regarding exposure to second hand smoke during childhood and lung cancer.  It worried me ill because I was exposed to second hand smoke as a child.  I was also awaiting a follow-up appointment for a breast examination.  I worried so much that I developed shortness of breath.  That freaked me out even more cuz shortness of breath is a symptom of many respiratory diseases.  The shortness of breath was caused by all the anxiety and is what led me to this forum.  

If your doctors gave you a clean bill of health, you really need to try to focus on the positive and accept that you cannot control what will happen to you.  I know that is easier said than done.  I struggle everyday. I have an appointment tomorrow for a well woman examination - OH JOY, a pap smear, what every woman looks forward to!  What helps me is humor.  That's why I posted that silly post about Paris Hilton.  You can also read spiritual and self help books.  But I'm not gonna lie to you, it's hard.  I have been struggling w/o meds for years now.  Try reading about hypochondria on Wikipedia.com. If anything maybe it will help you understand what you might be going through.  

Life is short, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.
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I also can't see with the family history and the test 3 years ago why I would expect this sudden onslaught of kidneys or other problems. It is irrational but it sticks with me. I am better since the neurologist but overall just wanting to be myself again.
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I really don't know. I never really had anythign like this until a few eeeks ago. i mean I've never thought twice about any of this because I'm a healthy 37 year old who isn't overweight and who doesn't smoke and eats pretty good. I think the heart virus that almost killed me in 2000  took away some invinceability because I was in incredible shape when it happened. A fluke. Even though I have fun, etc I think I just always waited for the other show to drop despite miraculously recovering completely and only being on a couple of BP meds. I mean I could feel myself giving myself the MS symptoms. Everything was a tingle and then the anxiety tingles would happen and a hand felt numb. I never thought twice about kidneys until that MRI and now all of a sudden a simple thing like my feet being sweaty and a little off from my shoes and socks turns to bad kidneys. I looked up too much online and you realize that maybe my dry mouth is because of that or the not eating because my nerves were shot over the MS thing was really kidneys or something. All in all I'm just trying to see myself as complete since I have a child coming in August. I pray alot and feel like I'm failing since I'm supposed to trust completely. I really do trust and felt it after my heart thing. I'm just not sure why symptoms I never thought of before have cropped up now.
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