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Need help regarding Gabapentin ~ Now depressed

I was having extreme anxiety and very bad withdrawals from quitting gabapentin cold turkey.  I resumed taking gabapentin yesterday and now today find myself very depressed. I quit it cold turkey because I felt it was causing me depression and mood instability.   It is messing with my moods terribly now resuming it. I am very down and feel so disconnected from myself. Do not want to live like this. I know I will never quit it cold turkey again but feel this is not the medicine for me still.  Any replies regarding experiences like mine with gabapentin is appreciated, thanks.
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First id talk to you Dr. about coming off any medication.

If he says it's okay, it's never good to cold turkey anything.

My Dr. recommended I do 10% cuts every week or 2. Slow and steady wins the race.

There's no reason to put yourself through such torment. Youre just putting more shock to your brain when you c/t.

Good luck! Hang in there! :)
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yes Cnote, you are more than correct on what you said.  I will never ever quit a medicine cold turkey again.   I did suffer greatly, more than I can say.  I took a 400 mg capsule and did my best to cut it evenly in half and took 200 mg for my afternoon dose. I called my mental health clinic and told them what was going on and asked for a lower dose prescription.  I really believe the medicine is not the right one for me.  I am very sensitive to medications in general.   I hope you are well, thanks for the reply =)    If I had my way I wouldn't need any medications.
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Hi Cass.

You post is over a month old. I hope that you are doing well.  I sent you a friend request. I have struggled a lot with gabapentin too.  There is a very sweet lady named Tooter posting currently in the addiction forum needing some support.  Perhaps the two of is could reach out to her and share some experiences?
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Thanks for the reply and friend request Yesidid =)    After my post I ended up in a treatment center for 5 days.  I am now again taking 300 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day, klonopin 2mg at night and .5 mg in the day, 50 mg of vistaril at night, and 25 mg of vistaril twice a day as well as 50 mg of Zoloft in the morning.   I am doing better than I was.  I wish I didn't need medication but realize I need it for my anxiety and even with medicine it never goes away 100%.   I hope you are well and have a good night =)
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